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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Random Thoughts

Why is it that doctors cannot agree on anything. When was the last time you saw a story or advertisement that said - "Ten out of ten doctors agree..." Noooooo, it is always "nine out of ten..." or even "eight out of ten...". These guys need to talk. I hate Cracker Barrel. There I said it. The place is like depression era Grandma's house meets Disney. In my case, I have only had two decent meals there as well (fyi, I have only eaten there five or six times in my life, because I hated the food the first two). It is expensive, the service is slooooowww, it is noisy, and they are crowded (which means there are a LOT of first or second timers - OR I am in the minority) I especially hate the "country store" that sells Chinese made versions of my nostalgia. Big Lots sells the same stuff in some cases - MUCH cheaper. (I just realized if I could type "whiny", I could be Andy Rooney) What is it with kids/parents and restaurants (or ANY public place nowadays)? Parents seem to think their five year old is "cute" going over to other peoples tables and watching them eat; or singing the latest inane song they learned on the latest "TV nanny show". Hey, I have no problem with kids. Kids can be WONDERFUL and a great joy - just not yours while I am eating! Why do we listen to the infinitesimally small minority that wants meat to be banned, or us to leave Iraq today, or to bale out the sub-prime mortgage "victims", etc.? Probably because the media, for the most part is part and parcel to that minority and give it TOO MUCH ATTENTION! I could go on and on, but I have a ship to catch. Later.

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