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Sunday, January 15, 2012


One good thing about having done this now for over four years (!!) is that I have written about most everything common to our lives. With an election cycle in full swing I was going to write some election "stuff". However, I did a lot of it in 2007/8 and again in 2009/10 for the last two elections. So, to take advantage of that "work" I am just going to reference those posts. Some are attempts at humor and some are deadly serious. Here we go:

My first "election" post. An attempt at humor about elections and the parties:

Then a follow up to the same blog:

This one gets into specifics, some about the 2008 races:

This is the next post after the one above. Clarification and details:

Here is a general comment on politics and the political system:

This in a post about one of the big political issues that will be discussed by the candidates: (and a follow up)

One on political "attack" ads:

And lastly, a post of quotes from my favorite politician - Thomas Jefferson:

Please pay attention to what is going on, being said, and being done during this election period. VOTE! Get your friends to vote. Just vote from an informed point of view. Not party, not buzz words, not sound bite. Also, remember it is CONGRESS that makes laws, spends money, and othewise runs our lives - NOT THE PRESIDENT! It is important who is president, but it is congress that taxes and spends.