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Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Call For Discourse and Communication

I want to try something here. I need EVERYONE'S help! (at least everyone that can put together a civil and coherent sentence)

I feel that we as a people no longer truly have any discussions about politics and the politicians we elect. Instead, we have "flame wars" and memes and rants, and sound bite, etc. As I have posted here before, we also have a tendency to listen, seek out, and accept those things that support what we believe. It you are a Democrat voter/supporter, Republicans and Republican ideas are evil. The same if you are a Republican concerning your thoughts on Democrats. What I find odd and interesting at the same time is that no matter which "side" someone is on most people are not happy with the way things are or even the way things are going! So, maybe support for what we are or have been supporting should be changed?

Here is where you come in:

I want any and all of you to go to the area below this post to "comments". Then, WITHOUT ANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS ON THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OR CANDIDATE(S), tell me why you feel Hillary Clinton should be elected

I was going to put just "candidate(s) instead of Hillary, but I thought maybe mixing the two would make someone uncomfortable in putting down support for what they believe. I can assure you - there will be NO PUT DOWNS, NO FLAMING, NO CRITICISM! As long as you keep your tone and comments restricted to the positives on why Hillary should be elected, I will publish it as is.
FYI, I know all about voting AGAINST a candidate. That is one of the problems I see with the electoral system we have now. Combined with social media, the 24/7 news cycle has made it tough for any respectable non-politician to want to run for anything! However, I want to avoid the arguments of "because I would never vote for a Republican" or "I would never vote for Trump". Again, let's have thoughts, ideas, and accomplishments lead the day. Who knows, you could earn votes for Hillary. FYI, we will do Donald Trump after this. So, hold your thoughts. I will ONLY PUBLISH POSITIVE COMMENTS ON WHY SOMEONE FEELS HILLARY SHOULD BE ELECTED.