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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Having Thanked

We have appropriately shown our thanks today in the typical American way - by downing approximately the same calories as a small African nation in one day. As usual, it was like feeding time at the shark pens at Sea World. Hours and hours were spent preparing, with details on getting the exact spices and flavors and then showcasing the food in glorious displays of gustatorial delight. "Of course the gravy needs to be in a gravy boat" - "Put the cheese with the crackers on the relish tray" - "Cut the turkey neatly and stack it here on the serving tray" - "Not that spoon, get a serving spoon". That was all done and more when we released the hounds. The food stood less of a chance than a three legged, one-eyed wildebeast against a pride of hungry lions. I am definitely thankful........, thankful I got my hands out of the way in time. Next year we are getting a trough.

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