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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Aren't the penguins lovely this year?

As I told you in previous posts - I am worried for our country and its'/our future. But, as I said then, not for the same reasons most people are. Yes, I have severe worries about our economy. It pains me greatly to see the current government abandon the policies that have made this country great to adopt the failed system of socialism. But, that is not the point of this post. I just read where an "eminent British economist" said that we were doomed. "Why?", you might ask. Because IF the global warming continues (he missed the memo about how the earth has cooled over the past decade), IF the average global temperature rises 6 - 8 degree Fahrenheit, and IF the ice caps have significant melting (he missed that memo too - the Antarctic cap is thickening, but...), THEN there COULD be a massive migration of people the likes of which we have never seen. This would cause massive and extensive world wars as countries that were not too hot turned away those people from those that were too hot. News flash - IF aliens come down tomorrow, IF they have the weapons to destroy the earth, THEN we COULD all die! IF the lower primates somehow get the knowledge to build an atom bomb, THEN we could all die as well. What really amazes me about all these doom and gloom global warming/climate change types is that the one thing they all have in common is the need for the wealthy countries of the world (ESPECIALLY the U.S.A.) to give lots and lots of money to them and their cohorts. We also need to give money to the countries that stand to be all desert or underwater if the seas rise massively and the rain/weather patterns change drastically. Our money is always the answer along with us changing our entire way of life. If we just eat vegetarian, ride bicycles, and wear hemp clothing - all will be well. (AFTER we have given all our money to the poor countries - or actually to people who say THEY will give it to them - no worries) If you care for the U.S.A and its' future, along with the future of the planet - do NOT let the doom and gloom, global warming/climate change nuts mandate CO2 emissions or anything else. An interesting thought - Except for what has been put here by meteorites and such striking the earth, all the carbon here on earth has been here since the earth cranked up. Physics tell us that we don't get rid of a thing, we just change its' state. The evil carbon we are releasing into the atmosphere, at some time was there. Trees sequester carbon. The ocean captures and RELEASES more carbon in a year than mankind has in our pitiful existence (that is not a scientific statement, it is based in fact - but not meant to be an actual accounting of the carbon sequestration of the oceans) IF there is global warming, or cooling for that matter. Any of mankind's actions (short of setting off a couple of large nukes) are NOT the cause. Study this yourself. I have done hours and hours of study on this subject. If you get by those with their hands out for money - this is a no brainer. The earth has been MUCH hotter than it is today (and without internal combustion engines around). The earth has been MUCH cooler than it is today. (without the Kyoto protocols). I have several posts on this blog with references. Google - global warming myth or similar and see what you get. Now, I will admit, some of those sites have axes to grind as well. But, if you study - I think you will agree with me. If you don't want to study - just take my word for it. Call, write, or scream at your elected officials and tell them NOT to take away our prosperity for a non-existent problem. Later, gotta go check on the banana trees in the backyard.