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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The shots are flying

This is taken verbatim from a health newsletter I subscribe to. It says better than I can something I have been trying to write out in my mind. It is time for the barrage of flu shot warnings. The short and sweet - FLU SHOTS DO NOT WORK!! THEY MAY EVEN CAUSE HARM!! THEY CAN CAUSE PEOPLE TO BE MORE LIKELY TO GET THE FLU!! Read on:

Every year, you hear about people who get a flu shot but come down with the flu anyway.

This is easily written off. Talking heads quickly explain that no medicine is 100 percent effective. Case closed.

So you're supposed to not ask questions, roll up your sleeve and take your medicine, right?

New evidence proves what we've believed for years -- that people could actually come down with the flu because of the shot.

What we now know is that the shot makes them more vulnerable to the other flu strains lurking out there.

For years, Big Pharma and its marketing partner, the CDC, have scoffed at the notion that the shot "gives you the flu." And technically, it doesn't.

You don't get the flu from injecting it into your arm. But the vaccine focusing on "this year's strain" leaves you wide open to other strains -- and even more vulnerable to them.

Two animal studies, one in in pigs and the other in ferrets, proved that flu vaccines made the animals defenseless to certain flu strains.

And now we know the same is true in people.

Researchers found that people who had gotten a flu shot the year before were more likely to become sick with the H1N1 flu the following year.

And don't look now, CDC, but in that same study, another shoe dropped...

Blood samples from children revealed something amazing. Compared to vaccinated kids, the unvaccinated produced MORE antibodies that offered protection against a wider array of flu strains.

That might not be enough proof for the CDC or Big Pharma or the store manager at Wal-Mart. But for me it clearly answers the question, "Should I get a flu vaccine?" with a big, fat "NO!"

Again, this is not from me, it is from a well respected health information newsletter.

I have published this in various forms over the past few years. I always get some responses about how "my doctor said I had to get the shot" or "with my medical history, I was told I would be foolish to not get the flu shot". My wife used to work at the local hospital. She was told she had to get the flu shot or she could not work. We got a lawyer to help us with a letter saying that was a violation of her rights unless they could provide conclusive evidence that her getting the flu shot was helping anyone other than the manufacturers of the flu vaccine. They backed down. People she worked with that got the shot - also got the flu. She never did. I have never had the flu as an adult. (I am 60 now and we raised 6 children - who did get the flu) Just to let you know, regardless of what your doctor, the CDC, or the WHO tell you - there is NO evidence that supports the efficacy of the flu shot -  NONE! There is now evidence that says it can cause harm to the immune system. I know that those of you that get the shot like good "sheeple" will continue to do so, but I thought I would try. Just eat blueberries. A report came out this week that a substance in blueberries has been proven to improve the human immune system. Take echinacea and goldenseal if you around people infected or feel like you are coming down with something. This will improve your natural immune response.

Then again, a lot of the "medical" advice you are probably getting from your doctor is flat wrong! Reduce your cholesterol for heart health by taking statins - WRONG! Cholesterol is a vital component of good health. (FYI, there are dangerous levels of types of cholesterol, but they are MUCH higher than the figures thrown around. There are also at least 12 types of cholesterol, not two - but that is for another post). Take an antidepressant if you are feeling down. FYI, in all double blind studies done by independent parties (as opposed to the ones done by the drug companies) there is no improvement in mood that cannot be explained by the placebo effect and none greater than the results offered by fish oil supplements and/or vitamin B supplements. (a bit of a simplification, but again - another post - or do some research yourself). Reduce your salt intake to be more healthy. HA, as someone that has had severe high blood pressure since I was 16, sodium is NOT a direct link to high blood pressure in all people. It CAN cause an increase in blood pressure. However, a lack of sodium (admittedly very difficult on an American diet) can be very dangerous. There is more, but I really just wanted to put out the info on the flu shot. I did.