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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Still here

Remember the "atom smasher" I talked about a while back that was built in France? The largest machine ever built by man. It is going to be used to find quantum particles that until now have eluded researchers. These particles have been determined by math and physics to exist, but have never been "seen". I mentioned that the problem with this machine is that it appears to be a "lemon". After years of design and construction and billions and billions of dollars, it still won't work. The problem with this machine and the fact that it might be a dud is that there are no small number of people that believe it could destroy the earth when it is actually used. (to be fair there are a large number of people that believe Elvis is sitting somewhere with JFK and a space alien drinking gin fizzes) Well, they tried to crank this thing up again this week. Can you say "shut down". The machine had to be shut down when a bread crumb, possibly from a stray bird (this unit is over 300 feet underground, but they said a bird) was dropped into the machine. Just a mention - THE MACHINE COULD DESTROY THE EARTH! IT HAS FAILED SEVERAL ATTEMPTS TO WORK! BIRDS ARE DROPPING BREAD CRUMBS IN IT! There are some people that think the machine, when operating, would create a particle so "vile to nature" that there is something from the future that is preventing it from operating. No really, I heard Elvis say it... Oh well.