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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Please Help!

As most of you know, my wife passed away last May from a rare neurological disease called MSA. One of my goals in life is to offer support to those patients, caregivers, and families affected by this rare, fatal illness. The American Academy of Neurology has a film contest each year where they pick a short film made by individuals about support for brain disease research. Entries are submitted to You Tube and a winner is selected by popular vote. The film is then shown at the American Academy of Neurology annual meeting. This would really be important to help with MSA as it is very rare and still unknown to a lot of doctors and other medical personnel. I know this from personal experience. There is a film featuring a MSA patient that is entered in the contest this year. I would ask that you register, watch, and vote for the film. Even if you do not want to vote, please go watch the film. It will show you what MSA patients like my wife, go through with this illness.

Please help make Multiple System Atrophy film #1 at the Neuro Film Festival

A film on Multiple System Atrophy has been entered in the Neuro Film Festival.

We need your help to get enough votes to make it the "Fan Favorite", this will

mean increased publicity for Multiple System Atrophy which is so desperately needed.

This is an achievable goal if we all work together.

As of February 11th the film is in first place in the voting but the second place film is

very close behind, every single vote counts.

Ask your friends to vote, post on your facebook wall and twitter accounts, get

your teenage relatives involved so all their friends will vote too. We can do




Please follow these instructions exactly to ensure your vote is counted

Step 1: Go to Neuro Film Festival Website

Step 2: click on the VOTE NOW! tab.

Step 3: Click on Register Now and enter your details

Step 4: Check you email inbox for a verification email - click on the link to

verify your registration

Step 5: Go Vote -- Go back to Neuro Film Festival Website and click VOTE NOW

Step 6: Find the “Multiple System Atrophy MSA” film in the list and click on the word VOTE

Note: If you have more than one email address you may register that email and vote again.

One vote per registered email address.

Please do this and pass it on to everyone you can.