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Monday, March 1, 2010

Will cluck for food (second post today - check both)

I stopped by Food Lion tonight and picked up some groceries. Because it was late (and both my wife and I like it) I got some fried chicken from their deli. We have gotten it before and it is quite good, and a very good value. (OK Food Lion - free food coupons can be sent to the email attached to this blog - but stop reading here) The chicken in not as meaty as the stuff you get from KFC or other chicken places, but it is about half the price.

We sat down to eat and I grabbed a breast. I bit into it and started eating. About 40 seconds later I was down to all bone. I looked at my wife and said "This chicken died of starvation, based on the meat on these bones!". I ate some of the potato salad and macaroni salad, but what I wanted was some chicken. I grabbed another piece, this one a thigh. There was no way this chicken was ambulatory. The size of the thigh was so puny that there is no way there was enough muscle mass to move the chicken around! I had the tiny little bone in my hand and I told my wife I felt like the guy in the Wendy's commercial saying "$2.99" with the little bitty drink in his hand.

I can picture the farm that these Food Lion chickens came from - thousands of emaciated fowl dragging themselves along on their little wheeled dollies, legs too weak to support their weight; their breasts caved in like a TB patient at the end of life, without the strength to move their wings. I can see them throwing themselves onto any morsel of food that they happen to come across as they fight off starvation. Their only hope is the processing plant and the sweet release of death.

Oh well, I still like the taste of the chicken. Next time I guess I will just buy two packages.

Go ahead, take out that $1 million mortgage

I was going to write one of my stunning commentaries on life, liberty, and small animals; but decided to wait and see if I need to. The CERN people in Europe are firing up the Large Hadron Collider again. So, we may all be headed to a black hole. If you don't remember or know what I am talking about see the two posts below and/or Google it.

I'm Baaaack from Sept 13, 2009 and Still Here from Nov 7, 2009.

Wonder if any "birds" got 300 feet underground again?

I will admit that finding the Higgs bosun is a facinating prospect, but I still wonder about this thing. Oh well, at least it will be quick...