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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Slow Down And Listen!

I actually have had two ideas for a post in the last 12 hours. Here is one, stay tuned for another very shortly. I was going to combine them, but I think not...

We live in a FAST & NOISY world! All of us (at least in the U.S. and other "1st World" countries - a 3rd post just popped into my head) have a LOT of stimulation and demands on our attention and efforts almost 24 hours a day. Even television, which has been decried as a mind-rotting exercise in time wasting is now watched in binges and/or without commercials. We have our phones and data plans to never be out of touch. We are able to send photos and comments on where we are, what we are doing, and who we are doing it with (or to!?) Like they say - "it ain't real unless I post a photo"!
 I profess that a lot of our problems (again, 1st World problems) are due to this. We are constantly irritated, aggravated, stimulated, or otherwise motivated to look, listen, compare, contrast, become outraged, become forgiving, become sentimental, become hyper-aware, or in some other way engaged with this or that post, tweet, snap, snippet, etc.; again, all 24 hours a day!


We are surrounded by so much clutter that we don't listen to our own hearts.

Be still, seek silence, listen to your heart and let it guide you.

                                                                                                                                "THE" 4/15/17

Peace! I shall now try to partake of my own advice!