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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Various musings

Some random thoughts - ( I started this three days ago and have gone back to it now - so it may be a bit disjointed; but, I want to get it out) 1) Although I do not wish anyone else to be unemployed; I have a tip for all CEOs. If you look at your company, evaluate your staffing, check your productivity, etc - and find that there are THOUSANDS of people that you could let go and still remain in business - DO IT! Again, I don't wish to add anyone to the ranks of the unemployed - but I am amazed at the companies that keep announcing layoffs of 5,000 here and 10,000 there. I know I have worked mostly for smaller companies, but in most cases if someone was/is out sick - we all have trouble getting a bathroom break! I have worked for some companies with thousands of employees; but in the divisions I was in - if someone took a long lunch - we had trouble covering. So, again - all CEOs and such - take stock of your employees. If there are enough to cover lunch and three people out sick - let one or two go. It may be thousands later. 2) I really don't understand the people that are waiting for the government to solve their problems and make their life easier. Name something other than military that the government does better than private enterprise. Can anyone say - DMV? Veteran's hospitals and other services? Government purchasing ($100 hammers, $500 toilet seats, etc)? Government forms and paperwork? Government (aka Public) schools? And more, and more? That is why I can't imagine why anyone would want the government to take over any more of our lives. Government healthcare? Bailouts? Just say NO to government. Government can't cure our problems, in a LOT of cases government IS the problem. Tell your elected officials. 3) Speaking of government, I see where the Senate has now voted to delay the conversion to digital TV broadcasting four months, until June. This is idiotic. There will still be people in June of 2010 that are out of touch with digital broadcasting. I know this subject is probably not as meaningful to most of you as it is to me (I sell TVs, among other consumer items), but I had to moan a bit. This is another great example of how government can screw up anything. The entire process has been doomed from the start. The major purpose of the change was to free up a lot of broadcast spectrum to be auctioned for new services and to provide extra communication services for first responders. This became an obvious problem after 911, and the government guaranteed they would do something about it. Then, Katrina showed they had not. Now, years later - they delay. 4) I want all the people that voted for Obama because they wanted CHANGE to note all of the people he has surrounded himself with. For the most part they are ex-Clinton administration and/or lifelong politicos. There are also a LOT of folks with questionable ethics. How about a guy proposed to run the Treasury department (IRS and more) that had not paid his taxes? There are others with just as questionable a problem. But, we got change. B.S. We got hosed. Get ready for more. There is more, but I am tired.