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Friday, December 23, 2011

Someone turn out the lights, we're out of here! (never mind, they'll get turned off soon enough)

Well. we did it. An incompetent congress, directed by an incompetent president has taken our national debt to a whole new record! Sometime this week (as I write this on Dec 23, 2011) our national debt has exceeded our GDP.

Now some of you do not know what a GDP is. (some of you don't care, but then you shouldn't be reading this - move on to some of my light hearted ones - they get all the hits anyway). GDP, or Gross Domestic Product is the total of the value of all the goods and services produced/performed in the U.S. combined with the value of all the goods produced and exported, minus the value of the goods imported. Or, GDP = private consumption + gross investment + government spending, + (exports - imports).  There are other ways of measuring GDP, but in theory at least they should all add to the same number.

What really bothers me is this travesty occurred while Congress was battling over extending a social security tax suspension for two months. TWO FREAKIN' MONTHS!! Whether you think the idea is a good one or not (a whole other subject) is there anyone that thinks congressional leaders, members, and staff should have devoted the better part of a month on extending a tax break for TWO MONTHS. They fought over it for half the time that the tax will be deferred! Then they have to do it all over again! This is why government does not work!!

The only solution I see is to end the cycle of re-election that has these anointed ones scrambling for sound bites every day instead of doing their job, is term limits. If you read the history of Constitution of the U.S. the designers were wondering about the clauses that cover terms and eligibility for office. They were worried about getting good people to run and serve. The House of Representatives is the "people's" chamber. The representatives were to come to Washington, serve their term, and GO HOME! The founders kept the term at two years to insure that people would serve, knowing they could go back to "real life" in just two years. If they served two terms, it would only be four. Now we have people that spend their entire careers there. John Dingell was sworn in under a flag with FORTY-EIGHT STARS!! That's right, he was sworn in to his first term in 1955!! That is ridiculous! I don't care how good a job he is doing, he should go home and let someone else serve.

We have a very important election coming up. We need to vote for people, not politicians. We need to vote for people that will help set up term limits for congress. This is the only way to remove the pressure that makes these people, when elected, go crazy and to be afraid to make the decisions that need to be made. The spending we are doing now at the federal and state levels CANNOT BE SUSTAINED! I don't care how many millionaires you tax, it cannot be sustained. We have to CUT SPENDING! We have to get people in Washington that will do so.

If you want an education into our national debt and spending read this post from earlier in the year:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Did YOU make that?

I am sure all of you have heard someone in the last year comment about how America doesn't make anything anymore. You may have even said it yourself. I have come across some interesting figures (at least to me - I love numbers!) about that.

What if I told you that manufacturing output, measured in dollar value, was at its HIGHEST in 2010. OK, I am telling you that. It's true. The U.S. manufacturing output was a record 1.7+ trillion dollars last year. How is that possible? We don't make anything anymore! (FYI, I have found some other figures that show the manufacturing output for the U.S. much higher - over $2.3 Trillion last year. So, it may be even "better" than I have presented. I am going with my original research however. I did want you to know.)

First, obviously we do make "things". One of the reasons that people feel that we don't is the fact that there are a LOT less people employed in manufacturing jobs than there were even at the turn of the century a little over ten years ago. We all know of people who worked in manufacturing that have lost their jobs or factories that have closed (at least around here). In 2000 there were approximately 17 million manufacturing jobs in the U.S. In 2010 that number had dropped to under 12 million - roughly a 30% drop.
The peak of manufacturing jobs was just prior to the 1980s recession (yes there have been others!). There were around 19 million people working in manufacturing jobs. Their output in dollar value was a bit over 500 billion dollars (half a trillion would be a good number to remember), or a little over $26,000 per employee. In 2010 the number of jobs was 11.53 million. Their output per employee was an astonishing $149,000+! That is a total manufacturing output of 1.72 TRILLION (remember the half a trillion from above). FYI, that makes us the top manufacturing country when measured in dollar volume output. China is number two, and rapidly advancing. However, their productivity (output per worker) is not even in the same league. Also, they have their own labor problems arising. The average wage in China has risen from less than 1,000 yuan per year in 1980 to over 26,000 yuan annually in 2010. China will need to get much more efficient to continue their growth. But, that is another subject.

So, you can see by the numbers that the U.S. does still manufacture "things", and a lot of them. So, what are those "things"? The top "thing" is production and manufacturing equipment. We make things to make other things. We are exporting our efficiency in the form of machines to others so they can make goods cheaper. Industrial supplies are also big. These are the materials to run the machines along with spare parts and maintenance gear. Then a catch-all - consumer goods. I know we think we get all our consumer goods from China. But, the U.S. manufactures a lot of consumer goods. We export a lot of them as well. (in fact industrial exports are at an all time high as well - in dollar value) Then comes one most would think of - automobiles and auto parts. Then comes aircraft and parts. The U.S. still builds a lot of planes. Both for domestic use and to export to other countries. Aircraft is still a great U.S. product even with the AirBus people and the Brazilians and Canadians building all those regional jets.

Bottom line - the U.S. is still a great manufacturing nation. We do not employ nearly as many people, but that is what allows us to be competitive even with our wages. So, if you hear someone saying "America just doesn't make anything any more" - you can set them straight.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Reading lists

It still amazes me how many hits this blog gets. Especially since I have not been posting regularly since my wife died on May 30th. Another thing that amazes me is the post that gets the most hits.

"Now Boarding at Gate 999" is the most read post I have done. Here is a link to that post:

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It appears there are a fair number of people out there that can appreciate my idiotic sense of humor. If you like those types of posts, here are a few more to check out:


There are a group of posts scattered about this blog, all with "Memories" or a very stupid name for the title. These are attempts at humor as well, with retellings of "memories" of a childhood from a twisted point of view. Here is one of those without the word memories in the title:

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I have MANY, MANY of these. I feel this is one of the biggest hoaxes every perpetrated upon mankind.

For my wife, here is one that I wrote after a trip we took to visit her mother.
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I greatly appreciate all the readers I do have. Do me a favor and read at least one other post after the Gate 999 post.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

On the soapbox again

I am worried about one other aspect of the economic crisis we are in currently. It seems to have diverted attention from the man made global warming nuts and their attempt to take over the world's economy in the name of  "saving the planet".

It bothers me when I see people mentioning their "carbon footprint" or reducing their CO2 emissions. I am all for taking care of our planet. But, this idiotic notion of anthropogenic warming of our atmosphere is rapidly becoming accepted. It is said if you repeat a lie enough it will become accepted. That is what is happening here. I have done many posts on this blog about global warming. I have links and quotes from many sources that show how this "accepted, proven science" is neither accepted nor proven. Here is a link to a letter sent to the U.N. Secretary General from 100 scientists asking him to get the U.N. to back down -

The final signatory is the head of one of the most prestigious scientific organizations in the world.

This is NOT fact. It is NOT proven. CO2 is necessary for life on this planet. CO2 is less than 1% of the total gasses in our atmosphere. Mankind contributes about 4% of that. So, even if CO2 is causing global warming, it is NOT because of our "carbon footprint"!

Some facts - the Antarctic polar icecap is now larger and thicker than it has been since the late 70s or early 80s. The polar bear population is larger now than at any time since humans have been monitoring them. Both of these reported "disasters" are being reported because they are hard to confirm and there are always places in the icecaps that are melting and polar bear groups that are dying. The reports of diminishing icecaps and dying polar bears is being propagated to gain ecological control over the poles, both of which contain vast resources of minerals and hydrocarbons (oil). There are two main reasons for this desire for control - 1) to acquire those resources and use them to make money. 2) to acquire control over the area those resources are in to stop their use in the name of ecology. These groups are working together now (not conspiratorially, but coincidentally) but will come at odds when control is obtained.

I will not go on, but please STUDY this issue. And when I say study, I don't mean watching Al Gore's film. There are literally THOUSANDS of scientists that are saying the whole thing is a farce. The eco-nuts are going to destroy our way of life with the control of carbon.

Remember -
there is no government money
corporations do not and cannot pay taxes - people pay taxes
man made global warming (and maybe even the warming) is a myth designed to control our way of life.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I am writing this on the tenth anniversary of the attacks of September 11th, 2001. I have been watching some of the news coverage of the memorial service and reading some of the articles and such in the news and around the internet.

First, I want to make sure that those reading this know I am very, very sorry for the families and friends of those that lost their lives that day and in the next few that followed. The horror of the towers being struck and then falling, combined with the uncertainty of any attacks still to come made that day a hell for anyone old enough to realize what was going on, especially anyone with loved ones in harms way that day. I sincerely hope that all of those affected that day have gotten or will acheive some peace in their lives.

Those of you that have read more than a post or two of this blog know that is not all I have to say. So, here is what motivated me to write this post, other than the sadness of the memorial ceremonies -

I am VERY suspect and doubtful of the motives and emotions shown by a lot of the writers, speakers, presenters, performers, and commentators that I have watched and read on this day. I wonder how many of them would have been there had there not been national coverage on multiple networks? Again, not any family or friends of those directly involved, but the actual politicians, pundents, and performers that were there. Maybe I am too cynical in my outlook, but why do they not ask God to "Bless America" on March 4th, or October 7th, or yesterday? Why do they not wave American flags on the other days of the year and in the decade since the attacks? Why today, is America the "Greatest Nation on Earth" when it was not mentioned by these same people yesterday, a week ago, or last year?

Don't get me wrong. I am glad for any show of patriotism -even manufactured or read from a speech - from the elite media/entertainer/politico group that attempts to tell us what to feel, wear, eat, and believe. However, I do greatly doubt most of their motives. Like the adage goes - honesty is what you do when no one is looking. True patriotism is best demostrated unscripted and possibly even unnoticed. Or at least without drawing undue attention to ones self.

Although I do have grave reservations about the future of this country. I do believe it is the greatest on earth! The freedoms it offers to us that live hear and transfers to the world's population outside of its borders are a blessing for all. We should all demonstrate that fact every day, cameras - audience, or not.

for any of you with a question about the title - do the math.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm back and we're all broke!

I finally have something to say. Like a lot of the news and the news reporters, I am going to comment on the national debt, debt ceiling, and related.

First - if you think the current problem is a Republican problem - you are WRONG!
Second - if you think this is a Democrat problem - you are also WRONG!

One thing I can say about today's politicians, for the most part they are all clueless. The only thing that appears to be motivating most of them is getting re-elected. There is enough blame to go WAY beyond party lines.

One aspect of the debt ceiling/national debt discussion that bothers me is that most average Americans seem only to be concerned about the problem in relation to any monies they get from the government being cut off. This is the problem people! Remember the base rule - THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT MONEY!! It still angers me beyond words when I hear a reporter, politician, or anyone else talking about "federal funds", or "state money". (but that is another subject - it is only relevant because people see their gravy train being shut down) There is going to have to be a LOT of government programs cut off or at least scaled WAY back!

The federal government is spending WAY over $1,500,000.000.000 (1.5 TRILLION) a YEAR more than it has! It does not take a financial genius to realize that is not sustainable!

How about some history relating to the national debt?

Pre-WWII (1939) the debt was around $40 billion dollars. During the FDR/Great Depression years, when HUGE federal spending got really started; the FDR administration took the federal debt from under $17 billion to over $33 billion in 1936. War build up and America assisting our allies in early WWII battles sent the debt to the $40 billion level.

At the end of WWII, in 1946 the debt had skyrocketed to almost $270 billion. FYI, the GDP for that year was around $1.7 trillion. So, the debt was under 16% of GDP - remember that - even after fighting a world war and funding the battle for a large portion of the world!

From 1950 to 1960, even with the funding of the rebuilding of Europe and Japan, the Korean War, the GI bill, the beginning of the Vietnam War, and getting NASA and our space program going; the national debt was in the $255 billion to $290 billion range. Still under the $300 billion level. FYI (for you real numbers freaks like myself) the GDP grew from over $1.9 trillion to over $2.8 trillion. So, under 14% growth for the debt with an over 45% growth in the economy. The national debt actually dropped as a percentage of GDP.

In the 60s with the Vietnam war, Johnson's addition of a LOT of social programs under his Great Society, and sending people to the moon, the national debt grew to around $370 billion. The GDP grew to well over $4 trillion! So, national debt stayed close to the same in percentages - even with all the spending.

The 70s brought the end of the Vietnam war, the beginning of OPEC and our first modern oil crisis. The debt climbed to over $900 billion. We were approaching our first TRILLION dollar debt. The GDP grew to $5.9 trillion. This shows what soaring oil prices and runaway social programs can do. Our national debt outpaced the growth of GDP by a wide margin.

The 80s brought the first Great Recession of my lifetime. It took us until 1983 to achieve sustained growth in GDP over the 1980 numbers.Unemployment was in the range it is now, to a bit higher. The advent of hair bands pulled us out ; ) (seeing if you  are paying attention) We ended the 80s close to our first 3 trillion dollar debt ($2.85 trillion 1989). The 80s saw our first trillion dollar debt (1982), and our first 2 trillion dollar debt (1986).  The GDP went to right at $8 trillion. Again, a decade where national debt outgrew GDP by a wide margin. The effect of oil prices, runaway social programs, and profligate spending were obvious.

Ah, the 90s! Desert warfare, global terrorism, Islamic jihadists, and so much more. The debt grew to over $5.5 trillion. The GDP grew to over $11 trillion. The first decade our debt was more than 50% of GDP.

Now for the REAL scary part. The 2000s. You can see from the previous (or your own research) no matter who was in the White House, the debt has risen ever since we instituted the social welfare programs of FDR. Republicans and Democrats alike cannot stop spending money they do not have!

Watch this:
In 2000 the national debt was $5.6 trillion.
In 2002 it was $6.2 trillion.
2004 - $7.3 trillion.
2006 - $8.5 trillion
Now we ramp it up a bit -
$9 trillion 2007
$10 trillion 2008
almost $12 (11.91) trillion in 2009
2010 - $12.6 trillion
today - $14.5 trillion.


To finish the comparisons, the GDP grew from around $11 trillion in 2000 to around $13.2 now. So, with a 20% growth in GDP we have grown the debt by almost 250%  AND GROWING!!

If any of you are left, here is the payoff. WE HAVE TO GET CONTROL OVER SPENDING. Taxes are irrelevant to the problem. We MUST stop spending what we do not have. You can raise taxes all you want. If you are spending the entire GDP every year it JUST WON'T WORK!! Period. You cannot tax more than is made!

Now, this means a LOT of cuts. Cuts to EVERYTHING! Social programs, defense, foreign aid, research, EVERYTHING. It has to be. The value of EVERY goods and services (ALL the money) produced is already in the debt. There AIN'T NO MORE! The federal government has about $3 trillion dollars of revenue coming in this year. We did not spend $3 trillion dollars a year in any year until 2008. (FYI - we are projected to spend over $4 trillion in 2014 if nothing changes!) We need to CUT SPENDING! PERIOD! Should tax increases or elimination of loopholes be part of the discussion - OK, maybe. I am not a fan of taxes. I do not see where penalizing any group of people is good. However, maybe we eliminate some loopholes that allow certain people to pay little or no taxes. But, WE CANNOT TAX OUR WAY OUT OF THIS! One of the things that bothers me the most is the way no one is talking about what we are spending now - well over $3 TRILLION!! THAT IS ENOUGH MONEY!!

Call or write your senator and congressman. Tell them it is time to STOP SPENDING OUR MONEY LIKE IT IS ENDLESS!! Tell the to pass a budget that lives within OUR means - NOW. Stop playing games.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I AM AN AMERICAN - another reprint

Considering my lack of enthusiasm and the fact that I like this post and think it still makes the point - I am going to reprint this post again. This is from 2009 and last year. In 2009 I had a technical error and this did not get posted until after the 4th. Last year it was up.

Happy 4th of July! U.S.A.! Become engaged with politics. Write or call your elected officials and make your feelings known. I do not know many people today that think the country is on the right track regardless of their political leanings. Remember, the government works for US!

Here is the post -

I am an American. Like the majority of those living in this country, I was born here as were my parents and their parents. Like the great majority of those living in this country, my ancestors were not born here. A direct descendant on my paternal side immigrated here in 1789 from England. However, I am not an English-American or even a European-American. It bothers me to see people described (by self or others) as Irish-American, African-American, Asian-American, or any other hyphenated American. Hyphens do nothing but separate us from what we truly are: Americans.

Like my father and his father before him; I speak English. In the not so distant past, every immigrant that came to this country learned to speak English. It was a point of pride for them to master one of the most difficult of languages. Since this was (and is marginally still) an English speaking country it was expected and usually accomplished relatively quickly. Expectation and hard work made it so. To immigrate to this country was, and is, a desire that burns brightly in the hearts of people worldwide. However, it seems now that it is expected by some that we should welcome their "diversity" in language and culture at the expense of our own. Merriam-Webster defines diversity as:

1: the condition of being diverse : variety ; especially : the inclusion of diverse people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization.

Inclusion does not mean domination or extinction. One could make the argument that diversity by its very definition requires the original to remain as a part of the whole.

As I said above, my ancestors immigrated here. They came by accepted means and according to the laws of the land. It makes me very angry when I see the illegal aliens in this country called an "immigration" problem. I have said before - calling the illegal alien issue an immigration problem is like calling bank robbery a withdrawal problem. We have a very serious and growing problem in this country of providing and maintaining social services for our citizens. When these services are offered to and overwhelmed by illegals, it makes the problem that much greater. We must address the problem of illegals in our country. It is one of the defined constitutional responsibilities of our government to secure our borders. The government has failed at that responsibility. Amnesty is not the answer when solving a bank theft spree. Nor is it the answer to our illegal alien problem. People must be required to follow the laws of the land when it comes to becoming a citizen. We also must stop now in providing social services and any medical care beyond that which is needed to save a life to illegals.

The United States of America has a great heritage in its two hundred and thirty plus year history of offering freedom, liberty, protection, defense, and support of all kinds to the people of the world. A large portion of the world owes any freedoms and liberties it has to the armed forces and the diplomatic minions of the U.S.A. Americans have helped to free and rebuild Europe twice. We have helped free those behind the Iron Curtain. Most recently we have brought the light of freedom to the Middle East. American might has not been used for building an empire. We freed these countries and turned them back over to the indigenous people, while providing the funds necessary for rebuilding. It sickens me to see and hear cries of "Imperialism" from detractors of the U.S. That claim is ridiculous when history is reviewed. The U.S. has won in battle or by diplomacy; Japan, Germany, Italy, France, the Philippines, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Grenada, Panama, and more. Did we add them to our country? No, they were all returned to their people who in some cases still decided the U.S.A. was the evil empire.

The United States of America is a beacon of freedom and light for all the world. We offer support, hope, and ideals of life that are envied by a large portion of the world.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


For those of you that have not been to my other blog ( you may wonder why there has been a lack of posts here. That blog is/was about the journey that my wife Carol and I were travelling with her disease - Multiple System Atrophy.

Carol passed away on May 30th. I have been dealing with the pain and loss and have not been too politically or socially motivated.

I plan to continue here, I am just not sure exactly when I will be motivated again.

Just remember - There is no government money.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The essence of someone

is held in the memories

and bound by love

always to remain.

People are eternal

if they are remembered with love.
R.I.P. Carol

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Again with the spending and the deficit...

I was going to write another post about our dire financial state. I then remembered that it was not too long ago that I did just that. So, in the interest of time and energy I am just going to ask you to read the posts from April 3rd and March 20th. Although not the best I have written, they get the point across.

Please read and then think about it. Call or write your congressman and/or senator. We must do something.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I see you sometimes as you were
laughing, not crying.
walking, not lying.
doing, not trying.
living, not dying.

I see you mostly as you are
sitting, not walking.
quiet, not talking.
with death stalking.

I see you sometimes as you were.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Remembering "Memories"

I was just reading some of my posts from the beginnings of this thing over three and a half years ago. Wow! Here is one that is definitely different from the latest I have done.

Check it out. I am not all politics and such.

Friday, April 8, 2011

I didn't do it!

I cannot let this continue without a comment. The idiocy that is coming from Washington and the media about this "Government Shutdown" and the budget is ridiculous! Here are some facts:

1) the Congress (specifically the House of Representatives) is required by law to submit a proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year by April of the current year. The key here is "required by law". The Democrats were in charge of the congress for all of 2010. The current fiscal year (2011) started October 1st (don't ask me why, but the Federal fiscal years all run from Oct 1st through Sept 30th). The House (CONTROLLED BY DEMOCRATS) did NOT submit a suggested budget. Neither the Senate nor the President (both CONTROLLED BY DEMOCRATS) asked them to do so.

2) in JUNE of 2010 Nancy Pelosi's (the Speaker of House at the time) Chief of Staff said not only had they not submitted a budget, but did not plan to do so (even though it is REQUIRED BY LAW!). When the new year came around, the Democratically controlled Congress passed the first continuing resolution to keep to keep the government running.

3) the House, CONTROLLED BY DEMOCRATS, in 2010 - passed FOUR continuing resolutions to keep the government going rather than present a budget. The fourth expired in March of this year and the Republican led congress passed another. Since then the House has passed two more.

4) the Republican led House has submitted a proposed budget for FY 2012 - AS REQUIRED BY LAW already.

To blame Republicans for this is idiotic. Are they complicit, YES. They have played along since they took over control of the House in January. However, if you read the above timeline, we are in this mess due to the Democrats not doing their jobs as required by law! The budget should have been in place months before the Republicans took office.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spending and Spending

I almost hate to do this one for fear of running off people that don't want serious posts, or get bored with the same subject; but I feel I have to.

My last post went into the problem we have in this country with finances, specifically government finances. There are way too many people in this country that believe the government can just spend money whenever and on whatever they want (including a lot of politicians!). I won't redo that post. If you care, you can go look yourself.

This post however is going to be similar. I am gravely concerned about our national debt. Mostly because the spending/budgeting by the government seems to be ignoring it. The U.S. national debt now stands at over 14 TRILLION dollars! 14 Trillion! Our GDP (gross domestic product - the combined value of all goods and services of an economy) is about 14 Trillion dollars. So, the U.S. owes as much as it produces. Now this is not as much as is earns - but produces. Compare this to an individual that owes $50,000 in debt and has a $50,000 a year job. The U.S. government position is like the individual above - but his/her debt equalling what they produce and consume as well as salary. So, to equal the government's position on debt the individual above might owe $250,000 against a $50,000 salary. Now that in itself is not the end of the world. In fact, it is common when you include mortgages. But, what if that individual was adding debt each year to the tune of an additional $12,000? The debt the U.S. government adds each year is greater than what is paid back, by a long shot.

More perspective. (these numbers are rounded for comparisons, but accurate for illustrative purposes) If you take the GDP of every country in the world and take out the top ten - the U.S. national debt would exceed the rest of the world's GDP! Here is the scary part. For the past two years and in the budget on place today, the U.S. is adding national debt at the rate of over 1.5 trillion dollars a year! That is more than the national debt of countries like Belgium or Switzerland a year we are adding! This cannot stand!

I have told you over and over again - THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT MONEY! The only places a government can get money is taxes and tariffs, borrowing it, or printing it. All three have problems. Printing it just means what is out there is worth less and less. So, to print your way out of a financial crisis is impossible. The dollars you are printing become worth less than you need, so you print more. They are worth less, so you need to print more. This is obviously not an  answer. What about borrowing it? Well, this is fine except you have to pay it back. If you are broke, you cannot pay it back. So, you end up borrowing more to pay back the original. This is like using a new credit card to pay off an old one. Not sustainable.

Now the one that gets used a lot - taxes ( and tariffs - essentially a tax on certain goods). Taxing your way out of a financial problem cannot work because you are taking money from those that are producing. Everyone understands you cannot get money from those that do not have it. So, additional taxes are going to have to come from those that do. Those that have money are also the ones that fund banks, corporations, and companies. These are where the jobs come from. If you take that money out of the system just to pay government debt the economy will cease to produce. Taxes then go down. Producers of wealth and money stop producing as much. Taxes go down. Taxing your way out of a financial mess is impossible in the long term.

We have to get a handle on spending at every government level. That will mean a lot of government services will have to be cut back or eliminated. However, if we don't ALL government services will be cut back or eliminated. The government will be bankrupt. Call your Senator and Congressman and tell them to vote for spending cuts and tax reform. We will all be better for it.

I just read this and decided I made a BIG error. I failed to mention one of the scariest aspects of the finances of the U.S. government debt - the unfunded debt related to Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security. It is now over 100 TRILLION!! ONE HUNDRED TRILLION PEOPLE!! That is as of NOW. The amount is going up every day. If you don't beleive we need to have Social Security reform as well as reform the funding of Medicare/Medicaid you are crazy. There is NO OTHER CHOICE!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The check's in the mail - but the Postal Service can't afford to deliver it.

I know it has been a while. As I have said before, the lack of posts here is not because I have nothing to write; but because I have too much. Life has been busy, so taking the time to clear a thought and post it is sometimes hard.

Just a quick (I think, we will see after I finish writing this if "quick" really applied) thought or two on our country and the financial mess we find ourselves in. Now, if you do not think the country is in a financial mess, or the only problem is we don't tax those evil rich people enough - you might want to just move on to a blog about puppies or apple fritters. Otherwise, let's go!

The United States (as most countries on earth) is what I consider to be bankrupt. We as a nation are continually paying out and promising to pay out much more than we are taking in. Now, legally the U.S. is not bankrupt because no debt has been defaulted on and the U.S. still has a credit rating that allows it to borrow money to cover these pay outs. However, the constant spending of more money than that which is raised is not sustainable. I have a problem with that. No person, company, or other entity can continue spending more than they take in. It just won't work.

I have come to the conclusion that the average person in the U.S. is both stupid and ignorant when it comes to money, especially the finances of the government. A lot of people seem to think that the government has endless supplies of money. (a lot of government officials can be counted among this group) If you have read many of the posts on this blog you have seen one of my supreme lessons - THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT MONEY! If we could just get people to understand this, I think all but the extremely lazy and ignorant among us would stop looking to the government to solve and pay for everything. The government has NO MONEY directly, only the ability to raise money from taxes and tariffs and to borrow it. This should limit the amount of money that the government pays out, right? If you know that you and your family have $2,000 a month to spend, would you repeatedly spend $2,500? Would you donate to help your friends and neighbors to build a barbeque pit (or similar)? No, most people would cut expenses, trim the budget, and otherwise try to live within their means. Frivolous expenditures would be eliminated. When you are not taking in much money, everything other than food and shelter become frivolous.

I am constantly amazed at the number of people that are living off of the government in one way or another. Now, to be fair and in the interest of full disclosure, my wife and I benefit from government programs. She is disabled and we collect a Social Security check every month. It is not even a third of what she made when she was able to work, but it helps. Maybe we should turn it down, but we are not that altruistic. I also pay into Social Security every month, as did she when she worked, so I do not feel like we are abusing anything or anyone. The true surprise to me is all those that live off of government grants and programs. We need to cut the government expenditures. Most agree with this even if they are ignorant. The problem is, no one wants to cut anything that remotely benefits them or anyone they know. The problem is, the government is one of the least efficient ways to get money where it is needed. Think, when was the last time that you were impressed with the way a government program or office you were exposed to was run? I am not referring to specific government employees. There are wonderful hard working and dedicated people working at all levels of the government. I am talking about the operation of the office/bureau itself. Government at all levels is famous for using too many people, too much red tape, too many forms, etc. This makes government very inefficient. There are millions of government employees. You cannot convince me we cannot do without a large percentage of them. But, government has been growing. During this recession, government grew. While government revenues decreased, government spending, hiring, and payrolls INCREASED! This is idiotic.

The other problem is mentioned above is the people living off of government grants and programs. There are homeless advocates, mother and children advocates, student advocates, immigrant advocates, small rodent with spinal problem advocates (OK, maybe not), and by in large some level of government funds their existance. These advocates are outside of the government but exist because of government money. These are the people that scream the loudest when cuts are announced. "What about the homeless?" "What about the abused?" "What about the children?" are the cries that ring out when any cuts are announced. That's another thing, there have not been any real government cuts in decades. Very few if any government programs have ever been asked to operate on less money this year from the year before. Most of the cuts are from what they agency asked for, or was budgeting/budgeted for - which is almost always an increase. Washington (and some state capitols) is the only place that getting a 3% raise is touted as a "cut".

My point here (not too quick, huh?) is that we as a nation do not have the money to continue to act as a parent to everyone. The spending has to be stopped. That means programs REALLY have to be cut. That may mean that something that you support will be cut. That may mean that my wife's disability check will become smaller. We will all have to cope. I hope it means that hundreds of thousands of people that are living off of "government money" today to do research or act as an advocate for some cause will be looking for a REAL productive job very soon. We MUST support the politicians that are trying to make real cuts in spending. If not, EVERY program may be cut as the government will not have the credit rating to borrow money to fund them.

note - I just read this and I know it rambles a bit. I think I said what I was hoping to, but not as coherently as I had hoped. Sorry. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where are all the wise politicians?

The more I read what this man wrote, the more I am awed by him. I would love for him to be around today to talk to the politicians and the voters. Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.

My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.

When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.

Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spam really works???

I did a post a while back about spam emails and how it seems to me the senders aren't even trying any more. See it here:

I got a real winner this morning. Here is the headline:

It was Soapy's design to ass

An attention grabber, yes?

The body of the email (with links excluded - I don't want to send them any business):

You might have revieved an alert about that in our store (link was here) a lot of quality products. By purchasing our product you get a great gift. Many products and discounts.

Really? This is how you make a living?!?! Like I said before, it is said that the reason spam is around is IT WORKS! Who responds to this stuff? And spammers, if you are going to spam english speaking countries and people, AT LEAST LEARN ENGLISH! There is no work ethic any more. Sheeesh!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just checked - the voices say I am still OK

Well we made it! 20+ years of teenagers is over!! My youngest turned 20 today. If you don't know or recall why I am happy, I wrote about this day in 2009. See it here:

16+ years of at least two teenagers in our house! It is a wonder I can function at all.

Happy birthday youngest! Move out.  ; )

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The results are in!

I discovered today where all the old stewardesses (yes, stewardesses - too old to be flight attendants)
go to die...

Delta (more specifically, Delta Express)

I thought I had spotted the fossil remains of one, and then she stood up and started doing the safety demonstration. (moved well, for a mummified creature!)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Headline time again

Before I get into the actual headlines with my famous witty commentary, here is a story that I find fascinating. I truly believe that one of our problems in America is we have too many people with too much free time. Now regardless of how you feel about the art below - this woman has TOO MUCH FREE TIME! (at least in my opinion)

Woman Recreates 'Last Supper' With Lint

Da Vinci's Masterpiece Has Seen Many Incarnations

ROSCOMMON, Mich. -- A northern Michigan woman has put her own spin on Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" by making a replica out of laundry lint.

Laura Bell of Roscommon collected lint from her dryer and fashioned it into a 14-foot-long, 4-foot tall reproduction of the Italian Renaissance painter's masterpiece.

Bell says she needed about 800 hours to do enough laundry to get the lint, and 200 hours to recreate the mural. She bought towels of the colors she wanted and laundered them separately to get the right shades of lint.
O.K. here we go with the headlines...
Police foil what they believe to be a goatnapping

It's never as easy as it looks on CSI
Man has odd explanation for running over 41 mailboxes

"I didn't see them"?? or maybe "I was trying to foil a goatnapping"??  (fyi - the real answer is he hit the "first few" by accident, then continued, to take out his frustration)
Cross-dressing shoplifters pepper-spray Home Depot customers

I HATE when that happens!

Now for the perfect crime defense...(no other comment needed)
It's tough to prosecute a guy who has next to no language skills

Drug-trafficking suspect Juan Jose Gonzalez is deaf, mute, and illiterate -- including no known knowledge of sign language. Good luck trying him in court! (these are the first lines of the story, not my comments)
Some sexual ones anyone??
Man arrested after putting porn magazines on women's cars

A marketing gimmick?
 Probably just comes under my first comment of TOO MUCH TIME!
Boy, 12, faces charges after allegedly showing his junk in class

Obviously training to be a Jets quarterback
And under the heading of any sex is good sex...
Man: I didn't know that the woman I was boinking was dead

Observant fellow. I just wonder when he found out? Was it good for you...
I might have to follow this case. The defense arguments will have to be entertaining.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Devil Just Bought an Overcoat

I just read a headline that proves we are in dire times...

Tony Bennett is doing a duet with Amy Winehouse

Wait, I just realized that this news is probably only relevant to a very small percentage of people. Let me explain.

for the youth, who are wondering who this Tony Bennett is - he is an 84 year old singer that has sold over 50 million records worldwide while collecting 15 Grammy awards. His first pop hit was in 1951.

for the old, who are wondering who Amy Winehouse is - she is a 27 year old singer that is famous for her
drinking, heavy drug use, violent mood swings and weight loss. Her first hits were in 2003.

Good career move for someone?!?!