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Saturday, October 1, 2011

On the soapbox again

I am worried about one other aspect of the economic crisis we are in currently. It seems to have diverted attention from the man made global warming nuts and their attempt to take over the world's economy in the name of  "saving the planet".

It bothers me when I see people mentioning their "carbon footprint" or reducing their CO2 emissions. I am all for taking care of our planet. But, this idiotic notion of anthropogenic warming of our atmosphere is rapidly becoming accepted. It is said if you repeat a lie enough it will become accepted. That is what is happening here. I have done many posts on this blog about global warming. I have links and quotes from many sources that show how this "accepted, proven science" is neither accepted nor proven. Here is a link to a letter sent to the U.N. Secretary General from 100 scientists asking him to get the U.N. to back down -

The final signatory is the head of one of the most prestigious scientific organizations in the world.

This is NOT fact. It is NOT proven. CO2 is necessary for life on this planet. CO2 is less than 1% of the total gasses in our atmosphere. Mankind contributes about 4% of that. So, even if CO2 is causing global warming, it is NOT because of our "carbon footprint"!

Some facts - the Antarctic polar icecap is now larger and thicker than it has been since the late 70s or early 80s. The polar bear population is larger now than at any time since humans have been monitoring them. Both of these reported "disasters" are being reported because they are hard to confirm and there are always places in the icecaps that are melting and polar bear groups that are dying. The reports of diminishing icecaps and dying polar bears is being propagated to gain ecological control over the poles, both of which contain vast resources of minerals and hydrocarbons (oil). There are two main reasons for this desire for control - 1) to acquire those resources and use them to make money. 2) to acquire control over the area those resources are in to stop their use in the name of ecology. These groups are working together now (not conspiratorially, but coincidentally) but will come at odds when control is obtained.

I will not go on, but please STUDY this issue. And when I say study, I don't mean watching Al Gore's film. There are literally THOUSANDS of scientists that are saying the whole thing is a farce. The eco-nuts are going to destroy our way of life with the control of carbon.

Remember -
there is no government money
corporations do not and cannot pay taxes - people pay taxes
man made global warming (and maybe even the warming) is a myth designed to control our way of life.

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