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Monday, August 17, 2009

Sorry, you're not real

This will be short and sweet. I am amazed by the coverage of the detractors of the Obama/Government healthcare plan; both the hundreds and thousands of people that are showing up to the "town hall" meetings and the thousands and millions that are writing and calling their representatives in Congress. Two hundred or more people show up at a town hall meeting and vociferously protest the plan or ask for details and they are villified and ignored! The democrat response? "They don't represent America." "This is not a true representation of the true feelings of the American people." Wow... PETA,Greenpeace, or some other anti-conventional way of life organization can show up somewhere with six or seven protesters and they are covered as the lead story on the nightly newscasts! The leaders of these groups are interviewed and quoted as if theirs is the only voice and opinion that exists! I have NEVER heard any politician or newsperson state or even question if these groups are or are not a "true representation of how Americans feel." At this point I don't care how you feel about any of the issues. Write, call, or show up at a town hall meeting. Let our elected governement "representatives" and their sycophants in the media know how you feel. Let them know you are awake. They are NOT free to do whatever they want because you ARE paying attention. They are scared as hell. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!