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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In these difficult times...

I see where NBC is giving $40 million dollars to Conan O'Brian to leave the Tonight Show hosting job. I could have saved them SOOOOOOO much money. I would have left for $100,000! In fact, for $10 grand or so I would not have even applied for the job! NBC - you can contact me through this blog.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

For everyone in Washington

I will have to admit I thought Ray Stevens was dead. (in fact, if you are much younger than I am, you may not even know who he is!) However, due to the topical nature of this song, I assume he is not only alive, but still doing music. This is kind of funny and I hope very true. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pay Attention Now

It's time for a refresher course. I have done too much of the "fun" stuff lately. Take notes if you wish - there will be a test in November. 1) There is NO government money. When you hear about a "government stimulus" or "federal funds" or anything like that - think "my tax dollars". The government has no money and has no way of getting money without taxing us, or borrowing it. 2) Corporations (companies) do NOT pay taxes (or fees, or fines). Taxing companies to help with the deficit, or adding a fee to banks to help cover the shortfall, is a tax or fee on US. When you hear of a new tax, fee, or fine, to be levied against corporations (like the one proposed for banks currently), think of it as being taken from YOU. Corporations HAVE NO MONEY except for what they get from their customers and/or shareholders. All banks will do if this fee is levied against them is raise our fees to bank with them. "We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle." Winston Churchill Write your congressman and senators. Let them know in Washington that spending our money on whatever they deem fit is NOT going to fly. Most importantly - VOTE every chance you get. Get rid of the idiots up there now that are doing all this - from BOTH parties.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just pull that right over here

I just got back from a trip. Some things struck me (as usual) as I was out viewing the world. Here are some thoughts... I wonder how we ever got along without one of the most annoying and yet helpful inventions of my lifetime - wheeled luggage. I am really surprised at how civilization advanced to the point that we have with this technological marvel only being around for a short while. Everywhere you looked there was luggage (and backpacks, and briefcases, and computer cases) on wheels. In a crowded area, I would get my toes and feet run over multiple times. I was waiting in a cab line with several hundred other people going up and down through the maze of ropes, all of us pushing or pulling our wheeled marvels. In fact, the one guy I saw that was NOT equipped with wheels was quite noticeable. We of the wheeled wonders would whip wildly through the winding path while he kicked, slid, tossed, dragged, and otherwise schlepped his belongings a foot or two at a time. By his lack of luggage technology he was an outcast. An object of our scorn; and for the empathetic among us, possibly even pity. One other invention that has become almost as wide spread is the "smart phone". I remember travelling in the 80s. I worked for a company that sold cellphones, so I had one provided to me. As is so common now, I would take it out and check for messages and/or calls as I got off the plane. People would look at me and make snide remarks as to how "special" I thought I was; or gasp at the fact that I had a device to make a call that did not require quarters to be inserted. Now, as we are approaching the gate the Backberrys and iPhones come out for email, texts, tweets, and yes even a call or two. The person that is handicapped with just a cellphone is looked upon with almost as much pity as the non-wheeled luggage guy. The only other device that is used (sometimes in conjunction with the smartphone) for contact is the laptop/netbook. These too are becoming quite common as people are searching for internet connections and power outlets with their portable computers. Again, I wonder how we ever advanced to the point we have without instant communication and access to data 24/7?! More later, got to go. My Blackberry is calling.