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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Getting Old (or, Not Wanting to be Young)

I just got back from taking Bailey to school. I was looking at the kids and was wondering some things. When (and WHY??) did it become fashionable or "in" to wear pants that are big enough for three people and a small animal? I do not understand. I am smart enough to realize that every generation has to do something to "distinguish" itself and irritate it's parents generation, but....huge clothes? Most of the guys have to keep one hand on the pants to keep them from falling down. How tough is that? In my day, a lot of skirmishes would occur. How much of a fight can one put up with his pants at his ankles? Oh well, another sign of aging.

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Anonymous said...

Big clothes are and have been "in" with kids for a while. Pants have mostly been the norm, but lately huge white T-shirts are very popular. And not just extra-large, but 4X and 5X. If it looks like a dress and hits your knees, its in! Question I have is, what's next? Big shoes? "Man these are 24s!" I guess they feel the closer they get to resembling a clown, the better. After the clown shoes, I guess comes the big red nose!