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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Memories?

"Lemme git a taste o dat." If I had a dime for every time I heard that one. Sure, living in the rail yard was hard. But as a kid I didn't know any better. I thought every boy had sixteen Uncle Jess's living with him in an abandoned rail car. We didn't eat that badly, and when a fruit car was on the siding for the night - HELLO PINEAPPLES! I remember once a car from Washington state was there; MAN - can you say Fuji-licious. We ate apples until we were sick and had apples every meal for a week or more. Do slugs beg from snails? When I was older, we moved to a farm in Ohio. We raised lab animals. (you know, white rats, mice, rhesus monkeys, pigs, etc) I particularly enjoyed the rabbits. Those pink eyes and that twitching nose, and what a stew! The poop throwing competitions with the monkeys would sometimes get out of hand, but a quick shot with a stick would show them the primate on top. Would a dog's business card be pee'd on? My first job was at a taxidermist. I remember the putrid smell of old man Walker like it was yesterday. He would beat me like a rented mule if I didn't do exactly what he wanted. He did have talent though. Mrs. Walker looked better than the day he married her when he got done. A man trying to please a woman is like a two year old trying to reach the cookies. It can be done, but as often as not you fall off the chair. I've got to go, the cattle need milking.

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