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Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Partying and such!

This might be more meaningful and enjoyable if you read (or re-read) the first post - from 12/24/07 - "Party, Party, Party". Check it out. "So, how are things going in school, son?" asked the dad as his son walked in. "OK I guess" was the reply. "The teacher says I don't understand our political system." "What?" exclaimed the dad. "Did you tell her about our talk?" "Yeah, and that was when she said I did not understand. I don't really think she agreed with what you told me. " was the son's reply. "Well" the dad continued, "sit down. Let's talk some more." "So" said the dad, "You told her we talked? Then what?" "Yeah, I told her what you said about the Dumb party and the Stupid party being the same, and how people that voted just for the party were stupid.", was the son's reply. "She said they were not the same. One was for big business and rich people and one was for the little man. She said I had better really learn what our system was all about if I wanted to pass!", wailed the son. "Hold on, slow down!, answered the dad, "We will get it all sorted out." "Remember I told you that the parties were pretty much the same in practice. They both talk a really different game on some subjects. The funny thing is, the things they talk different about are the ones that they end up the same on in real life!", the dad said, shaking his head. "Like what?" asked the son. "Like smaller government, and government spending. The other funny thing about the parties is they are always for change. Both of them, and all their candidates are for change." the dad continued. "The thing is, son; there really is no significant change." "Why, dad?" asked the son. "Son, there is not much change because the system we have now does not allow it. We have bureaucrats and workers in the capital that follow their own plan no matter who is elected. Then we have some of our elected folks that have been there so long that their only job is to get re-elected." the dad continued as he was on a roll now. "Like that little man vs Big Business garbage. Both of the parties get tons of money from all sorts of businesses. They have to to pay for all these commercials. They may say they are for the little man, but until the little man can write huge checks, Big Business is the real voice to both parties!", exclaimed the dad. "Son, your teacher is probably one of the ones that really believes, or wants to believe, that her party is the one to make everything great. That is a whole other discussion we need to have, a lot of people now think government can take care of all their problems. Most of the time, government can't even take care of governing!" the dad lamented. "But let's get back to your teacher's problems. She was upset because you told her that the Stupid party and the Dumb party were the same. I want you to make sure you tell her that you know they stand for differences on some things. Just tell her that when they start governing, they act pretty much the same. Both parties seem to be addicted to spending our money, and coming up with more and more to spend it on. Both of the parties seem to be great at holding hearings trying to figure out which atheletes may have cheated or what actor or reporter said a bad word. The problem as I see it it, neither of those is what I elect my representatives to do!" shouted the dad. "What about the Holier than thou party?" asked the son. "They have to be different, right?" "Well, you would think so, son. But, remember I told you they were just usually people that take some of the ideas from the Dumb or Stupid party and swear they are going to get that right! And, of course, they are REALLY for change. Part of the problem with any third party is they don't have the support or the people. Phooey", said the dad, "this whole thing makes me mad! The only change any of them really want is for them or their person to get into power so they can control our money!" "Wow! dad", said the son. "What do we do?" "Remember what I told you in our first talk about this? People need to really find out about candidates and vote for the person that really will do what the voter wants them to do. Forget about the parties, and vote for the person.", answered the dad. "But, as long as people can be Dumb or Stupid, I guess that is out of the question. People have been Dumb and/or Stupid since the beginning of our country, and will probably remain Dumb and Stupid!" roared the dad. "Man, this is upsetting me! "[To establish republican government, it is necessary to] effect a constitution in which the will of the nation shall have an organized control over the actions of its government, and its citizens a regular protection against its oppressions." --Thomas Jefferson to Lafayette, 1816. ME 19:240 If you have any questions about how our government was to be run, read Thomas Jeffersons papers and letters from 1775 thru the remainder of his life. I am sure he would be shocked at what our government has become. Vote.

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