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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No Snappy Title Available

I just finished some travelling and since I have not done a post in a few weeks I thought I would just do some random thoughts... Have you ever noticed that for the most part fireworks are sold by people that proudly proclaim their insanity? Crazy Joe, Loco Larry, Insane Ike all sell fireworks. You don't see Responsible Bob's Fireworks Emporium along the highway. Now I realize that selling personal explosives to anyone with the money to buy them might require a small bit of detachment with reality, I still wonder why James Cash Penney or Alva Roebuck didn't get into fireworks. Part of my travels included a cruise. One of the discussion points about any cruise for those that have NOT taken one as well as those that have) is the food. "Did ya' eat a lot?" is usually the first question from anyone that finds out you were on a cruise. I think the cruise lines are now pressured into providing food in insane quantities (Loco Joe's Cruises & Fireworks?) at all hours of the day just to keep up with the expectations. There is somewhere to eat on board 24 hours of the day. There are many different places to eat as well. You can sit down and be served or go to a buffet and serve yourself. My post of a few weeks ago comes to mind - we eat and eat and eat to fill the time between meals. What amazed me is the almost animal desperation that seems to infect the cruising human being as they approach the buffet line or seating area for the restaurant. Unless you were passed out or ill, as I said there has/had been copious amounts of food available for anyone to eat at any hour they desired. But, get them near the food and it is like a rice truck unloading in Ethiopia! People push and shove and yell at each other about what is there or not there as if they were coming off of a fast that would rival Gandhi in intensity. FYI, it is NOT an American thing either. There was yelling in many languages and it seemed to cross all cultural boundaries. It made me proud to be a human. I have other thoughts that I will share - I just wanted to "get back on the horse" so to speak.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

They's jus' kids!!

Anyone that has read this blog for any time at all knows I love a great news headline. I scour the web for them. I went looking this morning and found one at the top of the first site I went to. Here you go: Dead deer in clown suit left on Iowa porch Now I don't know about you, but boy did this bring back memories. Getting the guys together, shooting some hoops, grabbing a bite to eat, and dressing up wildlife like Bozo! Ahh, those were the days. Now I will admit that in most cases I never even see the stories that go along with the headlines. In this case it was a short paragraph and I read on. This extra reading of mine may have provided info that is as good if not better than the headline. The police in Sioux City, Iowa obviously have a great detective division and possibly a CSI lab and investigators just like all those TV shows. The comment from the paper regarding the results of the police investigation was: Officers suspect it was a prank I had first suspected a Godfather-type message to the family - Iowa crime family style. But, I am glad to know it was a prank. Those silly Iowans! I can't wait to see how they decorate for the holidays. Gotta go. There is a groundhog out back that would look stunning in a pair of shorts and a fright wig.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Heaven forbid they ever put any tables out there!

I heard a news story on the radio yesterday at lunch (and again with additional info going home) that brought home to me one of the major problems in our society. After I heard it I felt this blog coming on. Here we go... (this may be a bit disjointed, I started this Saturday a.m. and had to quit and went back Saturday evening. I tried to put a link to the newspaper story about this and a computer gremlin pounced upon the bits and bytes and took away half of this. I am now finishing it up Sunday p.m.) The story was about five benches that were placed by the city as a gift from a group that was trying to add ambience or a useful area to a greenway park that runs through parts of downtown Greensboro, NC. The benches, along with some large rocks and some sort of artwork, were place in a semi-circular configuration as an "oasis" and resting spot along the greenway; which until this placement had not had any benches or artwork. Now the problems began. It seems benches are inherently evil; or at least attract those that are. The local community group filed complaints with various city entities to have the benches removed due to "illegal activities" that they attracted. It seems if you install benches it attracts drug dealers, prostitutes, homeless people (which used to be called just "bums" but that is another blog) and all sorts of unsavory types of activities. To hear the head of the community organization talk, it was as if a portal directly to hell had been placed at the mouth of their homes. Remember, we are talking about benches (and rocks, you can go the the Greensboro News & Record website and see the story about a protester that sat unmoving on one of the rocks and would not let the workers take it; until he was arrested) Now my point. I understand the concern of the families living in the community near the benches. Illegal and illicit activities are not condusive to a peaceful existance. However, my amazement came from the fact that no one ever mentioned the problem - the unsavory types that it attracted - or the lack of police presence to eliminate it! Now, if you leave food out on counters and tables it can attract bugs. You can remove the food and clean the counters and the bugs may not be as visible. However, if you want to eliminate the bugs you have to go at the problem - the bugs! You call an exterminator, put out one of the bug baits or traps, or spray poison around. You continue to do so until you are convinced the bugs have moved on or are dead. I know we are dealing with human beings here, no matter how vile or evil they may be. I know that poison is not a reasonable humane answer. I realize that traps are not a civilized response either. There are ways to eliminate these vermin without just taking in the "food" (benches - in case you aren't following). I would maybe recommend a demand to the city council and police for increased police presence in the neighborhood. How about a neighborhood watch? This is a NIMBY response just like a myriad of other responses by people that can't be inconvenienced by the infrastructure required to support our modern way of life. Now I know we are talking benches and rocks here, but I still find that demonizing the benches to be very silly. Just like the saying - "Guns don't kill people, people kill people". I would like to offer up a new one for the citizens of Greensboro, NC - Benches don't commit crimes, people do!" Go sit on a bench somewhere and think about it...