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Saturday, January 16, 2010

For everyone in Washington

I will have to admit I thought Ray Stevens was dead. (in fact, if you are much younger than I am, you may not even know who he is!) However, due to the topical nature of this song, I assume he is not only alive, but still doing music. This is kind of funny and I hope very true. Enjoy!

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ACcountryFan said...

Oh yes! Ray Stevens is very much alive and has been active in the music business since the late 1950's. My blog page features a section about Ray Stevens. I call it the "Ray Stevens Music Journey" where I examine every aspect of his career from past to present. I've gotten a lot of blog mileage out of "We The People", the song about ObamaCare, his current single. If you click my user name next to my picture you'll see my profile and my individual blog titles.