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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Again with the headlines

Sorry, I was going to do a scathing report on some government inefficiencies, but this is just more fun! MORE HEADLINES...

Actually this one is kind of a report on government inefficiencies:

City Unsure Why the Sewer Smells

Oh my, maybe they are too "full of it" to notice?

Midget Sues Grocer; Cites Belittling Remarks


Students Cook & Serve Grandparents

If this catches on it could solve a number of problems - school lunch costs, Social Security costs, and more!

This one requires a bit of the article as well -
Army Vehicle Disappears
An Australian Army vehicle worth $74,000 has vanished after being painted with camouflage.

At least they know it works!

Alton Attorney Accidentally Sues Himself

I KNEW we had too many lawyers! (or alternately - You gotta hate when that happens)

County to Pay $250,000 to Advertise Lack of Funds

Government at work

Volunteers Search for Old Civil War Planes

Then I guess they will move on to Revolutionary War planes?

Meeting on Open Meetings is Closed

The issue seems to have been resolved to me. Who called this meeting?

Just hold on, there will be more.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Headline revisited

Read the post below. I was just looking and realized I really blew it with the 4th one down. If you have not read them, go ahead I'll wait.

Got it? OK. The comment for the fourth one should read...

Oops, I did it again!

Monday, August 2, 2010


I have not done these for a while. Here is the REAL news...

Police Use Taser on Fake Cougar
May 18th (UPI) Warren, Mich

Working their way up to the real animals I guess.

Chance of Rain Today Depends on Where you Live
May 29th  Buffalo, NY

It takes training to do the weather.

Man walks into a bar: grabs another man's beer, chokes bartender
August 1 (AP)  Dayton, OH

There is probably a priest and a duck that come in later. I didn't read the story.

Pink-Clad Pooch Stolen from Gay Bar by Man with Britney Tatoo
July 21st (UPI) Stanton, Pa

It always starts with the tatoos.

Woman Steal $650 Worth of Gum from Hospital Gift Shop
June 10th (AP)  Columbus, OH

What's that, three - four packs?

and lastly...

Grandpa, Pregnant Mom Tasered at Party
July 20th (UPI)  Manassa, Va

It's not a party 'til Grandpa gets tasered.

It is now the next morning after originally posting these. This last one has kept me going all night. I have additional comments for it.

Grandpa, Pregnant Mom Tasered at Party
July 20th (UPI) Manassa, Va

Get ready to catch Grandpa's teeth!

Grandpa, Pregnant Mom Tasered at Party
July 20th (UPI) Manassa, Va

I can hear Bubba now - "Yeah sure, you got Grandpa; but he's slow. Watch me get Bambi!"

Grandpa, Pregnant Mom Tasered at Party
July 20th (UPI) Manassa, Va

I should get two points for Bambi, she's pregnant.

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