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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spam really works???

I did a post a while back about spam emails and how it seems to me the senders aren't even trying any more. See it here:

I got a real winner this morning. Here is the headline:

It was Soapy's design to ass

An attention grabber, yes?

The body of the email (with links excluded - I don't want to send them any business):

You might have revieved an alert about that in our store (link was here) a lot of quality products. By purchasing our product you get a great gift. Many products and discounts.

Really? This is how you make a living?!?! Like I said before, it is said that the reason spam is around is IT WORKS! Who responds to this stuff? And spammers, if you are going to spam english speaking countries and people, AT LEAST LEARN ENGLISH! There is no work ethic any more. Sheeesh!

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