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Sunday, June 12, 2011


For those of you that have not been to my other blog ( you may wonder why there has been a lack of posts here. That blog is/was about the journey that my wife Carol and I were travelling with her disease - Multiple System Atrophy.

Carol passed away on May 30th. I have been dealing with the pain and loss and have not been too politically or socially motivated.

I plan to continue here, I am just not sure exactly when I will be motivated again.

Just remember - There is no government money.



Ann and Dennis said...

Scott, give yourself plenty of time and room to grieve. It has been 7 months since Dennis died and I don't remember much that happened in the first three months. My therapist explained to me why I was unable to write, read or paint; those activities take concentration which the grieving process may sap from you.

You read my blog after your wife died and wrote a comment. Thank your for sharing your story. We (MSA victims and care-givers are a unique bunch. Now, be gentle with yourself.


katieharriscarter said...

Hello, Scott.
I just noticed a comment you left on my blog about my son being ill. I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond. It has been hard to find the time and energy to post these days.
Although I don't know you, I am deeply saddened to read about your loss.
Just as you reached out to me with kind words during my hard times, I wanted to do the same for you.
I hope you are getting by as best you can. Peace be with you.