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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A REAL Inconvenient Truth

OK - you all need to pay close attention, especially if you have bought into the man-made global warming panic.


Some facts - from the 1940s through the late 1970s global temperatures cooled. (psst - with an increase in CO2 - I'm just sayin'...) From the late 1970s - early 1980s - through the late 1990s (1997 or 1998) temperatures rose. This was the period that the alarmists used to build their argument that our use of fossil fuels and rising CO2 emissions was causing a warming of the earth's temperature to catastrophic levels. BUT....

From 1997 through last year the global temperatures DECLINED!! Yes, DECLINED!! (psst - with that pesky increase in anthropomorphic CO2 - I'm just sayin'...)

This SHOULD put an end to the idiotic arguments that the goody-goody global warming/climate change disciples have been making.

FYI, anyone that looked at the evidence vs listening to the rhetoric saw that there was no correlation between global/climatic temperatures and atmospheric CO2 anyway. (I have a lot of posts on here where I go into the facts, I am not going to repeat them here. Look for them, or do your own research)

The problem - just today in a speech that should have been about our looming budget problems, the Americans killed in Libya (Benghazi) and other serious problems facing our country; our newly re-elected president stated that he was going to have to force the Republicans to accept some sort of carbon credit deal (paraphrasing). The UN is adamant about setting up a carbon offset/credit deal that would affect the entire world. You can't watch a TV show without someone talking about a carbon footprint, or some other code word for global warming.

The cost of these programs will do NOTHING for the climate or the environment. They will just make a select group of insiders rich. This whole movement is about money and control. Your "carbon footprint" can be used to control almost any and every aspect of your daily life. It can also be used to separate you from your money.

We need sane, logical people to get the word out. THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING. Any change there has been in the global climate/temperatures is NOT man-made. The earth has been a LOT warmer than it is today, as well as a LOT cooler. It will continue to do so. Please spread the word or we will all regret it.

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