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Saturday, April 27, 2013

True Story

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of watching a cashier self-implode. (OK, not totally "self", I was involved!)

I had bought six 2 liter soft drinks. She was bagging them. She had done the first two - two to a bag, then double bagged it. She complained - "Man I HATE working with these drinks and bags! They don't cooperate at all!".

I said - "Why not just put one to a bag, and not double bag?"
Her answer - "We are required to put two to a bag."
My response (ever trying to be helpful) - "If you put one to a bag, and then DON'T double bag them, it will be the same number of bags; and even the same weight per bag."
Her - ????????????? (I could hear the wheels turning) "...but we have to put two to a bag."
Me - "I guess it is better. Carry on."

Now, what is scary to me about this is twofold -
1) she obviously had no concept of what I was saying
2) it might be policy, which means some "manager/leader" had made the decision and had not thought of what I was getting at either.

In general, I agree with the scientific process of evolution and natural selection. The flaws in it can be evident when faced with examples like this. Why do we still have SOOOOOOO many stupid people?