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Sunday, July 19, 2015


It is time for some humor. You folks put up with my "serious rants" long enough.

These are REAL (or very clever fakes) headlines from around the world:

Squirrel 'Detained' by German Police for Stalking Woman

Police originally thought she was nuts. 

Man Shoots Firework From Top of His Head, Dies

Everyone knows you should hold them in your hands!

Pittsburgh Man Charged With Robbing Bank With a Sex Toy

Too many...Too easy...Insert your answer here (pun intended)

Shark Killed in Traffic Crash

Let this be a lesson to you - SHARKS CAN'T DRIVE!

German Asparagus Pickers Mistaken for Armed Gang

Sure, that's what they want us to think!!

An expert was called in to confirm!

Read the comment in the subtitle. 

Who'da thunk it! They consulted with the bug expert I bet. 

And finally:
Now that is a tough interview - put the rookie on it!

That's all for now. SMILE, WOULD YA!!

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