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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Truth in advertising

I was taking my daughter Bailey to school this morning (good fodder for blogs, if you haven't read the other - look at the older blogs) and saw the subject of this blog. I was leaving the school and was stopped by a line of traffic waiting for a large delivery/moving truck to back into a driveway. I saw the truck was from TWO MEN and a TRUCK. (it you don't know who they are, Google it) I saw the truck pull in and pull out trying to hit the driveway. There was a guy in a TWO MEN and a TRUCK hoodie directing him in. THEN, as he pulled out to reposition the truck, I SAW ANOTHER GUY with a TWO MEN and a TRUCK hoodie, on the other side! Hold on now, I thought, that means either the truck is remote controlled or there are THREE men with the truck! I looked in the cab and sure enough ... another guy. So, that raises a lot of questions (to me at least). Does every job that TWO MEN and a TRUCK take really get THREE men? Is there a TWO MEN and a TRUCK out there with ONE guy? And how did it happen? Did the boss say "Bob, go with Joe and Larry. They have a big job and you can help them out"; or did Bob just get in the truck by mistake? Wouldn't Larry (I'm elevating Larry to the leadership role here, no offense Joe) notice two other guys with him? If you owned a company called TWO MEN and a TRUCK, why would you not hire even numbers of workers? I mean, if you are to send two men and a truck to a job, why even have an extra? That brings me back to the other possibility; that there is a job out there with only one man and a truck. Same questions, wouldn't Larry (he is now ubiquitous for the lead job) notice he was alone? You would think being a maximum of only two (or three?) men you would notice you were alone. If I hired TWO MEN and a TRUCK and only got one man and a truck, I think I would expect a discount. I mean, where is the other guy? I had some other extemely witty reparte, but I have been interrupted too many times and have lost my thoughts. Later

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