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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Global Warming - Don't turn up the A/C yet!

I do not know how many of you that will read this already have fallen for the amazing PR blitz that is pushing, no SHOVING the doom and gloom predictions of global warming. I am 54 years old and I do not remember anything that has taken hold of the public mindset as quickly (maybe the World Wide Web, but I'm not sure). The media onslaught is unprecedented as far as in my lifetime. "But we need to save the planet" is your response. B.S. is mine. Global climate change by mankind in decades, outside of numerous large nuclear blasts, is laughable. The global warming fanatics revel in the knowledge that the average citizen is ignorant on even basic science and has a perspective on history that tops out in decades. The scary thing is that global warming caused by man is now almost a universally accepted fact among the average person. (repeat a lie enough times and it will be accepted as a truth) But, as you will see if you investigate the following links, that "fact" is NOT accepted among those that are not willing to have someone else feed their science facts to them. Take your time and scan through these:,2933,311870,00.html,2933,309919,00.html If you are back and actually read most of the above, I hope you have doubts now (assuming you had fallen for the hype as well). Do some research yourself. Try to get to the raw data from NOAA and the other government and scientific agencies around the world. Among experts there is not even an agreement that the average climate IS warming. The temperature gathering stations, especially in the U.S. are subject to sceptical scrutiny. A lot of the stations are influenced by the "heat sink" properties of civilization (parking lots, rooftops, A/C exhaust, etc). Satellite and weather balloon data actually show a slight cooling of the overall atmosphere. Thousands and thousands of respected scientist are in agreement that much more study is needed prior to acting (read: spending money). As far as CO2 being evil, the oceans release more CO2 daily than mankind by a gigantic amount. A volcanic eruption does more to increase greenhouse gases than all the trucks on the road. The northern polar ice cap is melting. It has been since the last little ice age. The ice cover in Antartica is thought to be increasing. Read the above links and do some research, I will stop. IMHO, money is the driving force here. So called "environmental groups" needed a new catastrophe that resonated with the people with the money. Funding for science have been dropping for decades (withs some exceptions for certain specific areas). Just call yourself a climatologist/meteorologist doing studies and watch the money come in. It continues as long as you support the mantra - Global warming will destroy mankind! If you come to another conclusion (as thousands have) you are branded as a heretic and flake. Therein lies my biggest argument. All discussion has been shut down on this subject. The "fact" of global warming is already accepted as a final truth. That is where the B.S. comes in. Remember, a flat earth and a earth centric universe were both undisputed fact for centuries. I do believe we should be good stewards of the earth. The water and air we have are all we have to share forever. (I like to say my water has dinosaur pee in it) Sensible environmental protection is the way to go. Environmental wackos trying to get your money is not.

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