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Friday, December 21, 2007

Red Letter Day

I spend about 40 nights a year in hotels and motels. I do the ones from the middle range to the upper end. (Comfort Inns to Westins) It is always nice to be recognized. I spent Wednesday night in a Comfort Suites in Colonial Heights, Virginia. I have stayed at the hotel previously, but not lately. It is a relatively new place, and had just opened when I was there the first time. I noticed one time when I was on the road looking for a place to stay (I had not made a reservation because I did not know where I was going to end up) that they had two spots out front for the Platinum Elite members of their rewards program. Now I was a bit offended by this as I am a Diamond Elite member (the top) and there were no spaces set aside for me. I did not get a room there that night because they were sold out. I decided that day that I would stay there and comment on the parking spaces when I did. Well I ended up there this past Wednesday as I said, and I did see the parking spaces for the Platinum members. As I walked into the hotel I also saw a space for the "Guest of the Day" as well. I was going to comment on that as well when I got to the front desk. I did not understand why they tied up three prime parking spaces for "fluff". When I walked into the lobby, the front desk lady was busy with another customer. I looked around and saw the reader/message board (you know with the stick on letters) by the desk. I did a double take because of something that caught my eye - it was my name! (you know how you sometimes see your name or something close even in a page of letters) It said "Comfort Suites wants to welcome our Guest of the Day - Scott Poole! Hey I felt like a beauty queen being handed the roses! (I didn't even get asked a question where the answer is "for the children" or "world peace" - no tiara though) It was awesome! When I got to the counter - I proudly gave my name and kind of discretely pointed to the sign. The lady kind of looked at me like she was figuring out what kind of disease I had where I had a pronounced tic. Then it dawned on her - she was actually checking in the "Guest of the Day". I am sure it was the highlight of her day! Right in front of her was the Guest of the Day who happened to be a Diamond Elite rewards member. (I would love to see her diary entry for the day, it had to be memorable) After appropriate congratulations, I was given my prizes! I got a gift bag! In it was a mug, some water, some cookies (oh happy day!), some conditioner (I guess the shampoo was for the previous winner, who knows - but hey it was Pantene - no Suave or store brand, this was for the Guest of the Day after all) and a discount coupon for Macy's - I am pleased to tell you it was for 11% off - hey, not 10% but 11%. If that is not taking care of the Guest of the Day - I don't know what is!! (Does Macy's sell shampoo?) Now for the real reward. I got the pass to park in the special parking space!! The Holy Grail of rewards - a prime parking space. This must be how the winner on a game show feels. I finished the check in process, got my key card, and picked up my gift bag. I PROUDLY walked through the lobby - by the Guest of the Day sign, waiting for the recognition I was sure would come. I slow walked by the sign, but as fate would have it, no one came in during my parade. Oh well, fame is fleeting. I did not even use the special parking space. I had already parked my car. You would think someone would have offered to move the car for the Guest of the Day. Questions?

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