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Saturday, January 5, 2008


"Just a small bit of cheese sir?" I remember that plea like it was yesterday. My father and his father before him were cabbies in London's eastside. I was destined to be one as well if I didn't break out of the future that was in the works for me. After the war, I luckily got a job with a small plastics firm on the continent, and well... the rest is history I guess. Do fleas get parasites? Can Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), be transmitted by leeches? Remembering back to childhood, I loved when we would start the cattle drives each spring. The dew on the grass as we awoke to sounds of the herd gently lowing was just damp enough to require you to put on shoes to go to the stream for your morning bath. I loved the tuba music best I think. That or the wild Mexican hat dances that we would hold on Tuesdays. Hey, there was always lasagna night!! Moooooooo. Mooooooo. The treehouse we lived in was especially cold in the winter months. Fires, of course, were forbidden, so we huddled together in our long johns for warmth. The cocoa was only lukewarm, but ahhhh the flavor. All the kids would climb down from their branches and sing. It was like a bit of heaven on earth most nights. Do you ever wonder how sensitive a skunks sense of smell is? Fat kids and see-saws.... a feast for the eyes!! The sounds of hot dogs cooking and the bellowing of the hounds will always remind me of Flag Day. Do you feel the joy? Good Night.

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