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Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Secret of Life

After the collage of yesterday, I thought I would get somewhat serious again. As those of you that know me are aware; a lot of Sunday mornings I make pancakes. I just finished doing so. As I was making pancakes, I thought of some things and thus this blog. If you have ever made pancakes in a actual frying pan, did you flip them with the pan? You know, like on TV or the movies - the cook takes the pan and flips the pancakes in the air to turn them. (It does NOT work at ALL if you use a large griddle like I do now - believe me!) If not, WHY? If so, did it work the first time you tried it? Unless you are some sort of pancake prodigy - probably not. In fact, you might have put some pancake batter on the ceiling, the floor (definitely), the walls, and/or the countertop. After a few tries (or so) you probably got it. What is weird, I bet if you have ever done it, no matter how long ago it was, if you get a similar pan you could do it now (maybe after a few warm-up flips). That is the first part of the secret of life. Flipping pancakes, you ask? Well, in a way - but not really. It is the act of learning to flip them that contains the secret. What if you had quit when you threw the pancake on the floor or ceiling? You would not have ever flipped a pancake. Instead you would be a failed pancake flipper. (closeted not doubt - who wants to admit that?) But by trying and DOING, you were able to bring out a "skill" or ability you had. Even had you quit after the one flop, you still had the skill to flip pancakes inside you. (sorry, I was beginning to channel Dr. Phil) So, the first part of the secret of life is - DO/TRY. We all have a myriad of hidden "talents that we have never let out or developed because we are afraid to try or we failed after one or two attempts. (I would now give you the pat example of Thomas Edison and the light bulb - hundreds of attempts to get one that would work. BUT, I recently found out that he did not do that at all. He had two assistants that did it all. All T.E. had to do was tell them to keep at it. So much for a childhood example of perseverance!) So, DO things. The second part of the secret of life is more predictable and self-help book - the golden rule. (I don't mean the modern version of "he who has the gold, rules", but the traditional one) Well, sort of. All your acts should be tempered by love. (now I'm channelling some 60s hippie). If you guide your life with concern for others in what you do or say and life will be better. In fact, that should be the only limitation to the first part. If what you want to try or do will harm another person, you should not do it. I won't get sappy here, but try using the golden rule as a test on all you do or say. (and NO, I don't - I'm human too! But, I do try - no, really) So, you now have the Secret of Life: TRY & DO, and BE GOOD TO EACH OTHER. Later

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hpt said...

Does the fact that you almost always have to throw out your first pancake fit in there anywhere?