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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Late Night (early morning?) Thoughts

I was laying there trying to go to sleep last night (without much success, as I have a toothache), and my mind was wandering. I don't know about your mind, but when mine wanders....whoa! (just look at some earlier posts) So, I was thinking about George Washington ( don't think about our founding fathers when you are lying there trying to go to sleep?) and how he was called "the Father of our Country". I further thought that there is not a "Mother of our Country" (unless Martha gets it by default, but I don't think so). Then I started thinking about "family" or relationship nicknames. This is to be a participatory blog. I want you all to write back with the ones you think of that I missed. Here are the ones I thought of (I was up quite a while with my tooth!): Father of our Country, the Founding Fathers, Uncle Sam, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Mother of all battles (or bombs), a priest is called - Father, a Mother Superior runs a convent, a priest can be a Brother, a nun is a Sister, Father Time, the pope is the Holy Father, then you have the biggie in religion - the Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost. How about Father Time, Mother Goose, the Mother Tongue? Then there is the Mother Lode, the Fatherland, the Motherland and Big Brother. Brother's Grimm, the Allman Brothers, the Blues Brothers, Brooks Brothers, the Doobie Brothers, Neville Brothers, and more currently - the Jonas Brothers, Twisted Sister, the Andrews Sisters, and the Lennon Sisters. Mothers of Invention, Uncle Kracker, Sister Soulja, Sister Sledge, and maybe the Bee Gees (stands for Brothers Gibb). I know there are more, so write in. I stayed up as long as I could. Later


hpt said...

Osmond Brothers, Mothers of Invention (did you mention them?), the Our Father, Gloria Patri, Son of Sam, Daughters of the American Revolution, City of Brotherly Love... I can't sleep lately... I'll come up with more. I have been test driving cars in my time not sleeping... it's not easy, let me tell you.

David said...

...Godfather of Soul, Father of Soul, Shaq Daddy, Big Daddy Kane, Grandfather of Poker, Grandfather Time...thought there would be many more sport related nicknames...but I cannot seem to think of them.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Salem Sisters!!!