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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some Follow up and Random Thoughts

OK, I am blowing the lid off the Two Men & a Truck scam!! (for more, see "Truth in advertising" from 1/24) I was taking Bailey to school yesterday and we passed a Two Men & a Truck - truck. I looked in the cab... you guessed it - ONE MAN! Now unless Two Men & a Truck put one of the men in the back, I am calling them out! Two Men, HAH! BTW, I have a dream of starting a company called - Two Men & a Duck. I am not sure of all the details yet, but I guess I am learning that I really don't need two men. But, I digress.

On the whole Global Warming thing,(for more here, see "Global Warming - don't turn up the A/C yet" from 11/17/07) the more savvy of the "environmentalist left" is now calling our problem - Global Climate Change. With good reason. It now seems the same figures that they have been using for proof of global warming now say there has actually been quite a bit of cooling since the mid-seventies. I am telling you now, this whole atmospheric temperature thing IS A HUGE SCAM!! Do NOT let the politicians pass laws that will destroy our way of life to solve a problem that does not exist! One thing that scares me, is that the whole CO2 as a planet destroying gas is becoming accepted as fact! (Termites put out more CO2 in a year than mankind does in decades! That should be enough to tell you "PEOPLE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!!") Next time you hear anyone talking about how we have to save the planet from global warming - tell them they are CRAZY!! The only way we can keep this from happening is for those of us that are sane to LET OTHERS KNOW!! This is not about saving the planet to most of those involved. It is about making a fortune.

I am so sick of hearing politicians try to buy votes by talking about "taxing the rich"! (for more here see - "Tax the EVIL Rich" from 11/9/07) One of our biggest problems in this country now is that 1% of the population pays right at 40% (that's right 40%) of the taxes. There are basically 50% of the people that pay NO TAXES!! Those two things equal lots of problems. Our country was founded on "No Taxation without Representation". My personal feeling is we need to change that for our times to - No Representation without Taxation. I truly feel that if you do not pay taxes, you should not be allowed to vote. That would change the dynamics of our political system, our taxation scheme, and a lot more. Hey, you gotta pay to play.

I had some original stuff I thought about doing, but I will do another blog instead. This one should make you think (or I hope it does/did)

Later, the turnips are done.

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