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Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Price is Right and a cool link

Those of you that know me well know that for 15+ years I did not miss a Price is Right Show. I recorded them every day and watched them at night or on the weekends. I love(d) that show...farewell Bob. Here is a link to a video of one of the current Price is Right shows that went pretty well. If you want to see excitement and what a good day is - watch. I also just found out that the Time/Life people are putting their 150 years of photographs on the web - with FREE public access through Google Images. I have only started to look, but saw some great photos of the Civil War. These are some of the first photographs taken, and look amazing. They are categorized by decade. They have from the 1860s through the 1970s now. Take a look. If you are a history buff or a photography buff, this is great. Here is a link: I was going to continue with my theme of change; commenting on the changes in society, culture, people, and events in my lifetime. I will postpone the additional comments to let you check these two links out. (I will just say that one of my thoughts was on the availability of information - the internet has changed information accessibility in a way that is immeasurable. These two links, and especially the photos, are a great example. In my youth, if we had to do a report we had to go to the library or an encyclopedia. In our case the encyclopedia was a bit dated. If you looked up "Rocket" it referenced Chinese fireworks. No, in reality it did show a black and white photo of Werner Von Braun by a derrick looking thing with a pointy device on top of it. The caption was something like "Dr. Von Braun doing experimental work with new devices to rocket into space." True story) More later. Enjoy.

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