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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh Man! Would you look at those!

You know the excitement - the latest edition is here. You have it in your hands. Anticipation builds. The cover hints at the thrills to be had within. Do you savor? Do you devour? Right to the center for me. Oh, my.... I am visually driven. Hey, guys are biologically wired that way. It's OK to look, right? a 3/8" Air Ratchet Wrench for $9.99 how about a 3" High Speed Air Cutter? Tools; what separates us from the lower animals. We can buy and store in our garages, attics, tool sheds, and workshops devices that do things we never need to do. Take that you lesser primates. (of course that brings to mind the musings I had on the Million Monkeys - If we took a million monkeys and let them loose in a Harbor Freight Tool store....) I am not sure all men are like myself, but I know a lot are. I love tools. I can go into a cheap tools store and covet anything and everything they sell. A "Magnetic Trailer Alignment Kit"? - $8.99... whoa. The fact that I don't own a trailer is irrelevant. Such a deal. How about a 13 Piece Precision Knife Set... 13 - not some inferior 12 piece set - 13! And all for $1.99!! That's less than 20 CENTS a piece!! 7 piece tweezer set, 1200 piece cable tie assortment, V-Shape Hang-All (drool), and an Electric Chain Saw Sharpener (not sure if it only sharpens electric chain saws or it is electric, but HEY it's ONLY $28.99!!). I would truly buy one (or two) of most everything in a cheap tool store. Even though I own tools now I do not use, my desire for these things is almost overwhelming. Drill bit sets, mechanic's stethoscope, level WITH magnetic strip, TARPs of all sizes!! Whoa, now. Gotta slow down, get a grip. I only have one garage.

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