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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Simple Pleasures

I am writing this on the morning of a departure. My wife and I are heading back home after the better part of a week in Florida. I had a business reason for coming, and with family here - she joined me. It is wonderful to see a daughter that we do not see nearly enough and to visit with a Mother/Mother-in-law as well. Yesterday between the day to day activities that must be done, I spent a large amount of time sitting in a lounge chair in a marvelous screened-in "porch" area of my Mother-in-Law's house. It was in the mid-70s to upper 70's while I was sitting, but with a fantastic cooling breeze most of the time, and a ceiling fan to fill in the lulls. The sky was a tropical blue with cottony clouds that cruised by with the lazy drift of a tube on a river. I was able to start and finish a novel yesterday by killing off the majority of it sitting in this splendor. I just wrote a comment on my sister's blog. This post is somewhat in response to myself for that comment. I, like all adults (and some kids) find myself feeling sorry for myself or other adults close to me because life is not fair. I am, or try very, very hard to be, a positive person. It annoys me when I see others that are whining about the things in life that don't matter a whit in the scheme of things. I am annoyed beyond belief when I am one of those "others". I have heard; as you have, I am sure, the statement - no one speaks with their dying breath -"I wish I had spent more time at work." I have never heard of a eulogy or seen a tombstone that contained comments about how the deceased did not wear the latest styles, or drive a fabulous car or other comments about their grasp of fashion (or lack thereof) or commenting on their material "goodies". Modern western society, and Americans specifically, are all about gathering "things". We bemoan our less than new-smelling cars. We venerate those not wearing the latest fashions. We cry "unfair" if we cannot send our kids to the most elite of schools. We covet our neighbors flat screen TV. We cry "foul" if we don't get to eat when and where we want. We lament that our house, boat, RV, bike, shoes, dog is not as nice as the neighbors. Sitting in the warmth of the sun, feeling the breeze (natural or fan-made) over your skin, reading a book, with family nearby.... Not too shabby. Kids can take a box the stove came in and have a pleasurable time for as long as the box lasts. As we age, if we can step away from the petty, unimportant parts of life, we can enjoy a sunset or a hug and live the moment. However, for most of the time we are all too wrapped up in the "don'ts" to enjoy the "dos". I think I will go see if the sky is still blue today - maybe in an old appliance box.


Anonymous said...

Amen!! It beyond time for people to let the material things in life go and focus on the things that really matter. That's when you find true happiness. No one knows how long they have on earth and you can't take your material possessions with you.

Holli T. said...

Hey -

I love you, bro. I would also love to find a refrigerator box to play with. I could use a puppet theatre.

My kids favorite gifts at holidays and birthdays are balloons and gift bags. Thank heaven!