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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Global Warning

If you have read much of this blog, you know how I feel about the idiotic pseudo-science of "global warming". (I put it in quotes because we may have some warming of our climate, but NOT man-made, and NOT anything we can control) If you follow any of the non-traditional news or do any digging beyond the headlines, you may have seen the reporting of the scandal based around tens of thousands of documents and emails from the Hadley Climate Research Unit in England. These emails and documents, although possibly out of context, contain damning evidence of a conspiracy to defraud the world concerning man-made global warming. Check out "Climategate" in a Google or anywhere else for details. I, like others, am now more convinced than ever that the whole man-made global warming thing is a hoax. Maybe not even an innocent one. The cost to society and our way of life to do what these eco-nuts wanted would have (and still could if we don't act on this info) destroyed it. The correspondence between these global warming "experts" shows that exclusion of anyone that disagreed with them was commonplace, that manipulation of facts and figures was necessary to back up their claims, and that the whole thing is/was a lie. If you want more on this STUDY. Go and read posts I have done previously - I have links and info there that will help. Get with friends and family and have them study. Then get with your elected officials and STOP any plans to "fight global warming". Following is a link to a great site with documented FACTS about climate change. If we allow this, either by participation or apathy - we will all pay. (hey, I sound like a global warming alarmist - "the sky is falling" - sorry) Climategate should be the end to this nonsense. Help make it so.

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