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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Need a dictionary?

What part of "ILLEGAL" do people not understand? I believe in immigration, I believe in civil rights. I do NOT believe that anyone here ILLEGALLY is entitled to anything other than a trip home. The argument is not one of immigration; it is one of ILLEGAL immigration. Anyone here ILLEGALLY HAS NO RIGHTS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION!! They have the basic right of being treated humanely, as they are being sent back to where they came from. I honestly cannot even understand the argument. I will repeat my line:

Calling the people here illegally an immigration problem is like calling bank robbery a withdrawal problem!

If you run a boarding house and someone comes in and takes a room without an application, without any ID or proof of income, and without paying you for it; do you call the police to get them out of your house, or do you offer them amnesty?

I really would like someone to present me with a compelling, cogent, relevant argument as to why this is even being discussed, other than from a political power play standpoint.

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