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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Other Congressional Spending: How the House Spent $1 Billion on Itself

Oh my. I was going to write this myself from documentation and articles I have found, but this one does it well. Saves time and effort.

The Other Congressional Spending: How the House Spent $1 Billion on Itself

Please read it. Then get others to read it. The people we have "representing" us in Washington have gone off the deep end. We have to do something to stop this.

This is NOT a Democrat or Republican problem. This is a people problem.

I am convinced that the only solution is term limits. We have to get the Congress rolled over. The founding fathers did not put term limits into the constitution because they could not imagine anyone wanting to be in Washington for long. They were concerned in getting true representation of the population. The reason the terms are what they are is from the concern that representatives would do one session of Congress and want to go home. Now we have people in both houses of Congress that have spend decades there. That creates a ruling class mentality.

Take a good look at the expenses of just the House of Representatives for just nine months. Wow.

Change is needed. REAL change, not campaign slogan change.

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