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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

At least make an effort

Like you, I get an amazing amount of spam each day. I have three email accounts that I check regularly (and a few more I don't) and have been online for over 15 years with one of them, so maybe I get a bit more than average. I read articles that talk about how many billion spam emails are sent each day. I also hear that the reason there are so many is that they produce results. Spam is essentially free to create. A bit of time and an internet account are all that is needed. So, I guess to get a return on that investment doesn't take but one or two poor souls to be duped.

I have noticed lately that a lot of the spam I am getting is really, REALLY badly produced. Come on now, this was the subject of one I got this morning: compactors flatulent conglomerating

Compactors flatulent conglomerating!?! Really!? I will admit it made me look at the contents. (I heard a gasp - "you opened a known spam email?" - sure I do it all the time in my spam filters' message center. I just never click on any link in the email. 99.999% of all spam can't hurt anything if you just look at it, especially inside your spam filter) The email asked me to see the new 2008 line of Rolex watches. Now, this was not particularly compelling to me. #1 - I am not a watch person. If I was, I would most definitely NOT be a Rolex person. If I was a Rolex person, I don't think I would want to examine the two+ year old line. There was a link there to look at these watches (and other fine brands) but I just deleted it.

I have noticed the claims that a prince has money he needs to use me to liberate or the business plan that has to have my participation to work are all presented in very, VERY bad english now. There have always been errors and such, but these look like they are typed out by a chimp with an old Remington manual typewriter. Guys (and/or gals), if you want to scam me - at least learn to spell and write in my language.

I guess there is just no pride in the spam trade anymore.

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