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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reaction to tragedy

This is something I have had in my head for quite a while. The horrible killings in Connecticut yesterday prompted me to go ahead and do it. Blessings on the families that were affected by this tragedy.

One of the things I am already seeing (in fact it started yesterday before I even knew the details of what had happened) is "experts" and pundits calling for gun control. Since I already addressed this earlier and I am ultimately lazy - here is a link to that post:

Bottom line - gun control laws will do nothing to help stop insanity. There are plenty of gun laws on the books. They are not always enforced as they should be. That may help some. Unfortunately, bad stuff happens. That does not mean we need to be defeatist. Common sense, vigilance, preparedness, and training can prevent some of this. Although I am not supporting or making excuses for the shooter, we also need to find a way to get help for these individuals that obviously (after the fact at least) have serious mental issues. I do not have the answers as to how we do that, I just want to point it out.

Again, I hope those families in Connecticut (and wherever extended family may be) can find peace in the coming days.

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