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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Movie and TV Badguys - NOTE!

For no real reason I have watched a lot of action type shows and movies over the recent weeks. Although I do enjoy the format, particularly when done well (not often in my opinion), it is sometimes annoying how poor the "bad guys" are when it comes to defending themselves or fighting. I came up with some guidelines and advice for them:

1) First and foremost - would it hurt you to ASK if the guys (and girls) you are teaming up with have ever shot a gun! Most of you and your team are armed with automatic weapons and still couldn't hit the broad side of a barn!
2) (follow up to above) Ever think of a little PRACTICE - maybe go to a firing range once or twice?

3) Even though most of you don't shoot well; a gun still trumps a knife which usually trumps fists. Why, when facing the "good guy" (who is known to be the world's best hand to hand fighter or whatever) do you insist on dropping your weapons and fighting them? Shoot them already!

4) Your side usually has a great advantage in numbers at the beginning of the battle/confrontation. Why do you always take this advantage and throw it to the wind by sending out your people one or two at a time to "check out that noise", or "go see what's taking so long", or just trying to find your adversaries?

5) (as a follow up to above) When the first one or two don't answer the radio or come back on time - DO NOT send two more to "see what is going on". Don't you realize you are being picked off little by little?

6) If you do capture your main foe - kill them! Do not pass go, do not collect $200! Don't have a heart to heart talk with them explaining your plan or your horrible childhood - you are the bad guy - they are the enemy - get rid of them already.

7)(follow up to above) OK, you didn't kill them when you captured them. Now, maybe look into the room/basement/cave/etc you are going to "imprison" them in? It probably has an old back way out, an air vent that leads back to you (I did another post about these fabulous air vents in movies and TV shows a while back - if you like this one you might want to check it out - or some other way of the good guy getting free/being rescued and coming to get you. In the end - see above - just kill them while you can if you expect to be rid of them!

I had more but got interrupted and have lost my train of thought. This should be enough to make the bad guys a little more competitive.

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