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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Make it illegal!

I am constantly amazed at the clamor for new laws regulating and/or "preventing" activities that are running contrary to political correctness or just not compatible with polite societies. Unfortunately, laws do not solve anything. Lawlessness and disregard for societal boundaries are the problem. The old pro-gun statement of "make guns illegal and only criminals will have guns" is true. It works for almost anything. Remember Prohibition? The war on drugs? How about something simple like texting and driving? All are or were illegal. None were ever prevented. 

Gun control is something that is very well legally boxed in. There are thousands of gun laws on the books. We do have a large gallimaufry of overlapping, obsolete, and active gun laws. Enforcement and application of these laws is not always performed adequately, but why do we think more laws would help that? I am a firm believer in the intent and meaning of the second amendment in providing a Constitutional right for all adult members of our population to own a gun. I also have no problem with background checks, if administered fairly and with some haste. I have no problem in a ban on ownership of automatic weaponry (which contrary to popular opinion IS illegal). However, no number of gun control laws will ever prevent the senseless violence that occurs with too much frequency. People willing to kill someone are not worried about what laws they break. 
The problem is that laws and rules do not work on people that are hell-bent on hedonism and self-gratification. I am not speaking in religious terms here now but a return to the rule of law. Respect for others and their property is primary and tantamount to improving and/or preventing senseless acts.
So, we can pass laws against:
guns, drugs, speeding, texting while driving, driving without a license, hunting certain animals, polluting the air or water, driving too fast, drinking and driving, smoking in most places, etc. and we still have all these issues facing us - maybe even more so.
People obey laws and rules because they feel it is in their best interest to do so. It keeps our tentative "community" intact. (if you ever want to know how close we are to total anarchy, visit a major intersection when the power is off for more than 10 minutes) No amount of new legislation will change this.

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