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Global Warming Hoax

I tried to come up with a catchy title for this one but nothing came to mind. The overwhelming evidence that the Global Warming/Climate Change hysteria is nothing but a perpetrated hoax intended to change our way of life keeps me from thinking of anything humorous.

I have done many posts on this subject over the more than seven years I have been doing this blog. I have statistics, scientific reports, quotes from climatologists and scientists, etc that show that this "crisis" is total bunk. Most of these posts were from figures gathered over five years ago. At that point we had had over ten years of NO WARMING! We now are approaching TWENTY YEARS of no warming and a slight cooling! The stability (or slight cooling - depending on which figures you use) of the global temps has occurred at the same time that the atmospheric concentration of CO2 has grown to well over that "tipping point" of 400 parts per million. From WWII up until the mid 1970s (not meant to be exact dates, I have those in other posts) the global temperatures were falling. There were many articles, books, and pseudo-scientific papers published about how we were heading for disaster due to global cooling and an ice age. Then things started to warm. We went through about twenty years of warming - through the mid-90s. So, the "scientists" and eco-crooks latched onto the
"global warming" issue and told us we would all cook or drown if we did not send Al Gore and his bunch a large portion of our money. As I said above, we have now been cooling (or stable) for about twenty years. So, we now just call it "climate change". That way they can ask for money no matter what happens to the actual temps.

Some facts:
1) Even at our levels of CO2 in the atmosphere currently, we are nowhere near the historic high levels. There were many times (as documented by ice core samples, and other means) that the CO2 levels exceeded current levels. Guess what - at some of those times the temperatures were warmer, and at some times the temperatures were cooler. Atmospheric CO2 has NOT been proven to have ANY affect on global temperatures.

2) At our current levels of CO2 of 400 ppm+, do any of you want to guess what percentage that is of the total atmosphere? (if you did well in your High School or College math you can guesstimate pretty closely) The total atmospheric CO2 is LESS THAN FOUR HUNDREDTHS OF A PERCENT! (@ .038%) It is inconceivable that something as complex as our ecosystem would be wrecked by 4/100 of one percent of something that is naturally occurring and REQUIRED by all plant life to exist!

3) At our current levels of CO2 emissions humans contribute less than 5% of the total that is released into the atmosphere. The oceans, volcanic activity, biological decay, and other natural processes release the other 95%. So, I will restate the above - it is inconceivable that something as complex as our ecosystem would be wrecked by 4/100 of one percent of something that is naturally occurring and required by all plant life to exist AND that we humans are contributing only an extra 5% to!

4) The ice caps are NOT decreasing. The ice coverage has increased over the last decade or so as the global cooling/stabilization occurred. Yes, there have been ice shelves that have melted. Yes, there are glaciers melting. There are also ice shelves that are increasing in thickness and overall size as well as glaciers doing the same. Ice coverage has changed throughout history. Almost anywhere humans live today at some point was covered in a sheet of ice. Guess what, it melted.

5) 97% of scientists do NOT agree that there is man-made global warming. It is actually more like 1%. There are over 31,000 scientists that have signed a petition stating that man-made global warming is a hoax. (see "Global Warming Petition Project). Over 9,000 of them are PhDs. There is so much money* involved that any dissenters are treated like pariahs and outcasts. Since a LOT of the funding for scientific research is sponsored by government, it is stifling to comment. If you speak out you are basically not able to get money for you work.
* The US alone spends about 22 Billion a year on anti-climate change. The economic impact of the EPA and other regulatory agencies and policies is about 1.7 Trillion - BIG money indeed!

If you care to read some of the other posts I did with facts and figures, here you go:
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There are more, but I am tired and you need to do some research yourself. Google it!


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