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Monday, September 7, 2015

Current Events

I figured it was time for me to weigh in on some of the issues of the day. When we reach a state where a law abiding citizen that owns a gun is thought to need counseling and a man that wants his penis cut off does not, it seems we have some issues.When a speaker is boo-ed off the stage for insisting that "all lives matter" as opposed to just "black lives matter", we need to reevaluate our thinking. When half of the population is living off of the other half through government programs, it is time to wake up. When our national debt has grown more in the past eight years than in the total of all years prior in the history of our country, it is time to change things. When people that illegally enter our country are called "immigrants" and offered benefits normally reserved for citizens, we need to wake up. When the First Amendment is used to stifle religious practices vs protect them, we have lost our way. There are many more, but I think that is enough for a discourse.

I hope you all realize that schools, doctors, and others involved in our daily lives now routinely ask about gun ownership. Now, I am not a conspiracy theorist or follower. I do not think this is part of a grand scheme to catalog all guns. However, it is a sign of the demonization of guns in general that is taking place. My first point above is how a lot of people feel ownership of a weapon, particularly a handgun is a sign of mental illness or at least a personality disorder. Counseling is offered to parents of small children that have guns in the house in some jurisdictions. Now, gun safety is paramount; especially with children in the home. This does not mean that gun ownership is a mental illness. To my counterpoint above - we now consider a man that wants his penis removed or a woman that wants her "femaleness" altered to be normal. I am sorry, I cannot accept that. I know I will be considered a neanderthal or worse for having that opinion, but I just find it hard to believe that it is normal. I know there are people that feel that they are "in the wrong body" and have never felt "normal". I also know there are people that believe they are Jesus, or that voices are telling them to dismember their family. If a man wants to wear women's clothing (or a woman wear a man's) and live their lives that way, fine. I still think it is a mental disorder. (Let the hate begin!)

On the "black lives matter" vs "all lives matter". I have written here previously about "affirmative action"- aka "reverse discrimination". To put black lives over any other is no better than to say black lives do not matter. All life is sacred. Everyone should be cherished and allowed to live their lives to the fullest. As to being shot by a policeman in the line of duty - I agree it should be avoided at all cost. I also know that I do not fear the policeman - not because I am white, but because I respect and obey the law. If a white, black, or any other person breaks the law there should be consequences. Should you die if you steal a snickers bar from a 7-11? Of course not! But, if you find yourself violating the law you open up a lot of bad possibilities. All lives matter, period.

I have shown that when these get long the number of people that read them drop dramatically. So, I am going to stop here. I will address the other points in my next post - soon.

I am sure this will stir some of you up. Comments are welcomed and will be posted if civil. Discourse is welcomed.

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