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Monday, May 15, 2017

Meet a Trump voter

I have commented in various forums and in person to many that I am amazed at the vitriol and close-mindedness that is involved with all things Trump. I understand people being against his policies, but to truly hate and denigrate someone that voted for him is beyond me. For those of you that will take the time to read this, I wanted to introduce you to someone that did vote for Trump - ME! (I will do my best to keep this succinct, but...)

First, a small bit about me: I think and hope people that know me would vouch that I am not racist, homophobic, or misogynistic in any degree. Have I used the "N-word" - yes. (of which I have posted on before - I find it amazing that the one word that is totally off limits now in any discussion is the "N-word". There are MANY words that not so long ago would NEVER be used in polite company, that are widely accepted; but I digress). That word was thrown around like leaves blowing in a storm when I was growing up and well into my adulthood. It was used at, for, by, and directed to; whites, blacks, native Americans, etc. In addition, I have told jokes where blacks, browns, blonds, Polish people, Asian people, homosexuals, rednecks, farmer's daughters, and almost any other group you can name or think of were the punch line. I have been told jokes about those above named groups and many others BY those above named groups and many others. I have never watched Fox News, but neither have I watched MSNBC or CNN in 20 years. The only exception to this is Election Night. It is a fascinating sociological and psychological experiment to compare coverage of the election from the perspective of these comparatively - which I did the night of the last two national elections, but I digress again. I do not watch TV news of any type with the exception of the occasional BBC World Report or RT (Russia Television) when big events are happening. I get my news from news feeds, RSS feeds, and the websites of many, many, many sites. I do not get news from Facebook (I see it, but do not take it at face value, I research it) or any TV show (see previous). I consider myself an educated person that is trying every day to broaden my horizons and knowledge more. I typically vote Republican, although I would rather vote Libertarian; and have voted Democrat, especially when I know or know of the candidate personally. I am a staunch Libertarian Constitutionalist in belief, something that most people do not understand at all. I believe in a strict adherence to the Constitution and a very, very marginalized and small Federal Government. I do not think the Federal (or State in most cases) government should be involved in Education, Student Loans, Healthcare with the exception of Veterans and government employees, most R&D when not in the National interest for defense or such, support for the Arts, or most of the other things most have come to expect from the government. There are other posts here where I wax poetic on the Constitution and the Federal role in our lives, look around if you wish to know more.
Which sets up my Trump vote.

We are broke as a nation. We are paying in interest now at a rate of over $350 Billion a year to service our debt. That is more than we spend on Medicaid! What amazes me is every time ANY program is to be trimmed or even kept at the same level as the previous year - people SCREAM - "YOU CAN'T CUT THAT PROGRAM!" It does not matter what it is. That is insane. To give you an idea - the TOTAL spent by the Federal government as recently as 2000 was a little under $2.2 Billion. By 2010 we were spending $3.4 Billion! Last year we spent $3.5 Billion. There is no way we cannot absorb a 10% CUT in all Federal spending. Hey, if we went back to 2007 numbers it would be a 20% cut, So, we have my first reason for voting Trump. He understands budgets and cutting spending to reflect revenue.

We have WAY too many elected officials - of BOTH parties - that have made lifelong career choice of Washington. That is totally contrary to the Founding Fathers thoughts. The reason the House of Representatives term is set at 2 years is because it was to be a service to the public. It was envisioned that gentlemen (and later gentlewomen) would leave their estates and jobs and do the "work of the people" for two years AND THEN GO HOME!! Then a new batch would come in. The advantage to this is the Representatives could really represent their constituents as they were among them recently and were going back to them shortly. Trump and his bringing in (at least to the Executive branch where he can) of business people that have money and fame enough, is what we need. Although I think for the most part the career politicians on both sides are terrible, this is one area that I still see a small difference in Democrats and Republican. The elected are very similar, but their appointees are different. The Trump appointees are especially different, and better in my eyes; here is why: If you look at the appointees that Obama had and the appointees and such that Clinton had around her they were looking to "make it" through government service. The Trump appointees already have made it. They all took a pay cut to be there. In most cases they took a prestige cut. Rex Tillerson as the C.E.O of Exxon probably had more access to world leaders than as he does as Secretary of State. He definitely had more freedom to actually get things done! I voted for Trump to help break up the career politicians lock on Washington.

The appropriation of land and land use under the previous administration in the interest of "conservation" or "ecological reasons" is another reason that I voted for Trump. The grab of land from States is a travesty. Again, as a Libertarian I am for private ownership and usage of land and assets. If a person wants to put an oil well, a wildlife preserve, or an house on a land they own; they should be able to - without asking permission! I am for ecological preservation. However, I do not feel the Federal government has any ability to do this, at least not in any degree better than most individuals or State/Local governments. Trump gets this. Land ownership was one of the foundations of this country becoming the richest country on Earth.

Carrying on with the ecological and such issues, I am grateful that we have a President that is willing to say the "Emperor has no clothes" and call the "environmentalist" idiots with the global warming scare tactics out. I have said it before - this is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the people of the world. Every doomsday prediction made by these demigods has not only not come true, in a lot of cases it has not even been close. I have done many posts on this topic as well where I lay out fact and figures, so I will keep this brief. I voted for Trump because he is not to be bullied by the idiotic pseudo-science of global warming. (I know, 97% of scientists, blah, blah - bullshit! - that is a made up figure.) Screaming "because we said so" is NOT science! Read my other posts if you want more facts. I do know we have to live here. I do believe in caring for our home - Earth. However, not at the expense of our wealth and lifestyle.

I have personally met a woman that work(s)(ed) (not sure which, she worked for him 20 years ago) for Trump. She ran his NY real estate empire. I was on a flight with her in 1995 or 96. I asked her about him and working for him. She said he was wonderful to work for. She expressed the opportunity she had been given as a woman in a business dominated (especially at that time) by men. I asked if he was hard to work for. She said he had a set of requirements and goals but you were free to set your own work process and schedule to meet them. She said she only saw him twice a year at general review meetings unless he just dropped by to say hello. Trump employed women, blacks, Hispanics, etc. in positions of power well before it was "good business" to do so. I voted for Trump because I think he can help women, blacks, and other minorities while returning some sanity to the rules, regulations, and B.S. that surrounds hiring and employment practices now.

Lastly, I voted for Trump because he understands that a country is nothing without its borders! To allow unfetter entrance to any and all that can walk over the border is insane. We live in a dangerous world. Access to our country must be controlled. FYI, the USA takes in more LEGAL immigrants every year than any other country in the world. I (and most people I know that want the Wall) have NO PROBLEM WITH THAT! I know this country would not exist had it not been for immigration and immigrants. However, I do have a real problem with illegal immigrants. We have laws. We have borders. If you are here illegally, I have no problem what-so-ever in sending you back - now. I have no problem putting a wall around our country. I welcome any of you that do not like walls to leave your door unlocked at night. If you have a fence or wall around your property - tear it down. Then we can talk. Trump understands that people here ILLEGALLY are not immigrants, they are criminals. Sanctuary cities are idiotic as well. How about sanctuary cities for bank thieves, for murderers? If you break the laws, you should pay the price.

The choices in the last election were far from optimal. We have set up a system where the best qualified for the job will never run. The gauntlet that we have established is to daunting for any "normal" or even near normal person. We had a choice between the most corrupt career politician to ever run for President and Trump. Yes, I voted for a ego-maniacal, pompous, narcissist that tweets his thoughts unfiltered at 3 am. I voted for change.  

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