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Sunday, November 4, 2007

I'm blogging

I'm Blogging (excuse the appearance. I cut and pasted this from the first site - too lazy to redo) OK, I have a blog. What a rush?!? I was told I needed one, why I am not sure. (In my life I have also been told I needed (in no particular order) - a new attitude, a new wardrobe, to develop a taste for beer, various consumer goods, etc.) Some of these suggestions I took, others I did not. The blog thing seemed somehow more relevant than a new pair of pants. I guess I am going to write down my thoughts on subjects as I think of them. Seems only fitting that my thoughts on blogs should be first. Blog. The word seems a bit weird. I know it is an amalgam of web log, but it is still a bit weird. Then again, I find this whole deal a bit weird. I was commenting to my sister (after I read her first entry in her second blog) that I did not get the whole blog thing. I will have to admit I have never read any blogs beyond hers and a very, very few that I ran across in web searches. Due to my lack of experience I am not sure if there are rules. It is a bit like going to a dance as a middle schooler. You know there are procedures and policies but you missed the manual/workbook as it was handed out. Is there a lingo or "smilies" as in IMing? (do not do that either, I find it a VERY inefficient way to communicate... that WILL be a subject of this blog) So, if I offend on style points - GET OVER IT! If I offend on content; I have probably done what I intended. The subjects I am thinking of covering are as varied as life itself - Blogs, Religion, War, Politics, Sex, Love, Money, Fish, Pets, Fake Hair/Wigs/Toupees, Pizza, and probably rodents to be named later. Like I said - I'M BLOGGING.

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