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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Some Rants

Some rants Following are some comments on subjects that I don't think I have enough "stuff" to do a whole blog on each. 1) Illegal aliens - first, notice the title. I hate the way the media and liberal types refer to this issue as "immigration". Calling the influx of millions of illegal persons into this country an immigration problem is the same as calling bank robbery a withdrawal problem. According to the constitution of this country, one of the ONLY responsibilities the federal government has is securing our borders (another subject to be covered soon). So, secure them already. I am about as pro-business as you get but, I believe businesses that use illegal aliens should pay a HUGE fine for each infraction. I know I would pay more for a head of lettuce and Wendy's would no longer offer chicken nuggets for $1, but I also know I would not worry about paying for medical care or college tuition for a person here illegally. If meat processing employees can get into the country, so can Osama Bin Laden's friends. 2) TV show schedules - (hey, if you read my first post I warned you this would be eclectic) I wonder what it would take to get the people that schedule shows to NOT put all the shows I like on at the same time. I watch quite a bit of TV, however most of what I consider to be shows I really do not want to miss are on opposite each other. I know, I can TIVO/DVR or even tape them to watch later; but who has time? I just wish shows that I like were not on at the same times. Sometimes the networks will take a show that I have been watching on Wednesday and put it opposite a show I watch on Monday on another network and I have to decide. Normally I stay with whatever I was used to watching on Monday, so they lose a viewer. 3) Government money - there is a term I wish I could ban from the vocabularies of all Americans. There is NO GOVERNMENT MONEY! It is all taxpayer money. It burns me up to be listening to a news story about a new airport improvement or highway and the politicians justify it by saying something about "half the cost will be covered by a federal grant" or "will be paid for by federal and state funds". Sometimes they even use the phrase - government money. Every time you hear someone mention government money/grant, federal/state funds, etc substitute the words "TAXPAYER MONEY" and see if you still support whatever they are talking about. Three is enough for now. Later

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