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Monday, March 31, 2008

Follow Ups and a thought

I got a FEW comments and suggestions on my request from my last blog, but NOT ENOUGH!! Come on everyone, give it up! This is a good time to ask for any and all of you to start spreading this around. Anyone that you feel would enjoy and/or profit from this blog - let them know about it. I want to start getting comments from a BUNCH of people. As for the additional family names here they are - (edited by me, I did not take them all - hey I rule here!) The Godfather of Soul (I thought I did that one, but I did not go look), Father of Soul (not sure who that is!), Shaq Daddy, Big Daddy Kane (rapper for those of you not in the know), the Osmond Brothers, Grandfather of Poker (I did not know who this was either), boys of summer (another I thought I did), Son of Sam, Daughters of the American Revolution, City of Brotherly Love, Mother Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear. I have the Sons of the Confederacy. And, I have a thought. I just saw one of those sappy emails with the quotes and the beautiful scenery, but it had some good thoughts. One I liked and have now adapted and stolen is regarding wealth. My thoughts follow. Thoughout my adult life I have been asked what I want as a gift (or gifts) at give giving times (birthdays, Christmas, etc) I usually can't think of much if anything. (I have gift cards totalling over $150 that are from two Christmases ago!) I just don't have many wants. That brings me to my profound thought - The difference in being rich and being poor is the gap between what you have and what you want. When you are poor, there are a lot of needs that are in the wants. When you get money, the needs are taken care of. The wants become just wants for the sake of having a bigger or better "thing" than what you already have. My needs are usually met, my wants are modest............. I guess that makes me a rich man.

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hpt said...

Hey there!

I commented AND I added a link to your blog from my blog... your readership has now increased by at least 4 people.

So - do I get some sort of bloggy award for being such a good reader?!?!?

your little sis